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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Million Dollars in Your Bank Account

Money makes people funny. It makes people C.R.A.Z.Y!

There is a crazillion dollar industry thriving on our need to get rich quick and keep up with the Jones’s. So why does it seem like the never ending story of scarcity and effort? Why is it that the more we have the more we need?

If you are reading this blog I am assuming that you don’t have a cool million sitting in your bank account and here are 5 reasons why…

1. Money is not an incentive

Once you have the basics of life covered, ones need to live a satisfying and fulfilling life is seldom fulfilled with an injection of cash. Now don’t get me wrong, when you have very little money, more money certainly can make life easier and open more doors.

I speak to people all the time, about what they would really want to do if they didn’t have to work and the answer is generally the same, spend more time with family, travel and have more adventures and make a difference in the world.

Nowhere in that conversation do I hear… I want to sleep on a mattress made entirely of money, or I want to find a way to make more and more money just for the sake of it (mwa ha ha harrr).

Yet we focus on money as the access to everything and more often than not lose sight of what we really are inspired by.

Focusing on making more money is like our Matrix reality helping us cope with the fact that we are not right now doing the things we ache to do. Try side stepping the conversation completely by removing your focus on making more money and concentrate instead on having the things you really want in life.

Sometimes it is easier than we think.

2. Your money mindset is what determines your wealth over time

The reason why some people become incredibly wealthy whilst others with the same opportunities experience a lifelong hold on poverty is mindset.

While there are many factors that contribute to your ability to create wealth such as intelligence/emotional intelligence, experience, health and the country and family you were born in to. All of these are superseded by the mindset that you bring to everyday living.

The mind is incredibly powerful and people tend to associate their ability to create (or deserve) wealth with their opinions of themselves. How this manifests is that the same little voice that reminds you of everything you don’t like about yourself is the same voice that manages your ability to create wealth.

My childhood consisted of a lot of conversations about money that were very impactful and emotional. What this left me with was a belief that I didn’t deserve it, that money was hard work and caused problems.

Looking back throughout the years I can see that my mindset sabotaged my goals both in times when I was making a lot of money and in times when I was making very little. It was an insidious little bugger that had me by the neck and I couldn’t even see it.

As I went to change my lifetime of conditioning I found that each little positive and self-affirming step I took was a huge step in the game of wealth creation and opportunity.

If you are unsure if your mindset is affecting your ability to create wealth then check your bank balance and give yourself an honest appraisal of where it is vs. where you think it should be.

3. You are not creating enough luck

This is another point on mindset, you have to be willing to be lucky in the quest for great wealth.

Have you ever noticed how some people are just lucky? I believe that luck is definitely something you can influence, you can become a “luck-smith” and create your own luck and opportunities.

My brother Sam was famous for finding money as a kid, I was with him on several occasions when we spotted $5, $10 and even $20 notes in the street which was a huge amount of money for little kids in those days.

People would say he was lucky, always in the right place at the right time. But if you were there when it happened you would have seen that he was always on the lookout, scouring every gutter for glimpses of the good stuff!

He was deliberate in seeking out opportunities to find cash and was successful from time to time.

Was he lucky? Well perhaps, but his luck looked much more like deliberate determination to me. I think his mindset for finding opportunities and creating wealth was as obvious then as it is today.

Good luck is all about opportunities, get out there make the most of the opportunities you have available to you and you may just find that your “luck” improves as well.

4. You believe that if you have more money you will be happier

Money can make life easier, and temporarily it can make you happier… temporarily.

Yet we still dream that once we have the money for all the things we want we will be truly happy.


The sad things is that even though we know deep down that this is not true we still cling on to the idea like a broken parachute on a sharp descent.

I saw a documentary on happiness a couple of weeks back and they did some measures on average rates of happiness.

Your average rate of happiness is your normal rate, the rate that you go back to after the normal highs and lows of life. Long bouts of depression can permanently take your rate down and extensive meditation and personal growth can permanently take your rates up.

Money however did not have the same effect.

They said that the majority of people who win large amounts of money in lotteries return to their average rate within 6 months.

6 months?!!

If your biggest fantasy of getting rich quick (winning the lotto) will only get you 6 months of happiness then it might be worth looking for something a little more substantial. If the stated facts are true you may want to take up meditation and use the new space in your head to figure out what is not working about your mindset.

Who knows, you may find yourself with money and happiness!

5. You exist in a system that requires perpetual, ever-expanding debt.

Disclaimer: This topic should interest you if you have any curiosity in how things work, I am relatively new to trying to understand this and so my explanation may seem a little juvenile to those in the know – my apologies in advance! Here we go…

I once heard the debt figures of the US and Australian governments and I thought to myself, if the governments are so in debt, where are the wealthy countries that lent it to them?

I used to assume that the money I personally borrowed came from a pool of money that was deposited safely by someone with more money than me. Part of my interest went to them for their kindness in lending me their savings.

This is not the case.

If this is news to you, think about this… How is it that most governments, most companies and most individuals are in massive amounts of debt? How does that work?  Where does the money come from for almost everyone in the world to be in debt?

It is a scary fact that banks are able to create money out of thin air every time you borrow it. Not your government… your privately owned bank. In fact they are able to create 9 times the money you borrow.

By create I mean create from nothing, thin air.

Now this is a heavily simplified explanation of this system, but one that very few people understand and it affects every part of our lives.

Money is no longer a representation of some stockpile of gold in a heavily guarded safe. Money is now a representation of the total amount of debt and interest that banks have encouraged people, companies and governments to accrue.

I read in his autobiography that when Richard Branson sold Virgin Music he found himself out of debt for the first time in his entire life (at 50 years old). If that is the case with one of the most successful business people of our time we have very few chances as a general population.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why that elusive first million is not currently accessible at your local ATM, even if you do know the PIN number.

All of these points relate to mindset except for number 5 which is bigger than Ben Hur!

So I would recommend first checking out your mindset; analyse your patterns, internal conversations and consistent outcomes. Get really honest with yourself and then look to how to create some positive change.

If all else fails, take on the global financial systems… save the cheerleader, save the world.

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Speak your lovely mind!

  1. Well spoken Serena. Well written conversation. May I suggest this website for a really cool examination of the economy, environment and energy issues faced by the world? Watch the Crash Course videos.
    Love your work…

  2. Go Serena! You’ve “nailed it” with the mindset information.
    I also believe that a scarcity mentality around money is prevalent in society. This affects us all more than we realize. Just look at the 6.30pm TV shows each night, listen to breakfast radio talk-back or read headlines! When you’re constantly being “fed” this, monitoring your mindset becomes even more important.
    Turning the scarcity outlook to an abundance outlook may not be easy (especially when funds are low) however, this is the way that the Branson’s of the world have created such amazing businesses.

  3. Great article Serena!

    Mindset is definitely a huge part of the battle – some people have it, others don’t. It is something you can learn to a degree, but it takes perseverance & a heck of a lot of work.

    It’s funny how many relatively easy ways there are to create wealth. The information is out there, but it takes gumption and a relative amount of risk.

    But as the saying goes, you don’t drink champagne unless you take risks!

    Erik – Young Nomad

    • Thanks Erik!
      Yes I would say that is the main reason people fail (or don’t start) is because they are unwilling to risk failing. It’s the catch 22 that only has many people with no champagne!

  4. Pithy and elegantly articulated as usual Serena. A joy to read and really useful food for thought. LOL Ninji

  5. Great insights Serena! Money is a stumbling block for many of us due to our old ‘stories’ around it. It’s time to create new stories and take creative action designed to build a secure and joyful future driven by work we love. We all have a passion for something. Using that passion to fuel passive income is a dream come true. Your system is brilliant and I think everyone with a dream of building an internet business designed to bless others should form a line at your door. You are our very special angel. Thanks for all the ways you care and share!

  6. Interesting article, thanks.
    Best regards, Clive Rodell in Oz.

  7. Hi Serena
    Wonderful thoughts here, thank you. I also found this podcast to be very helpful in changing the way we think about money

  8. Hey Serena,

    Awesome post. I am particularly interested and now well educated in point 5. It’s scary when you learn how the monetary system really works. Just wondering…have you watched any of the Zeitgeist movies by Peter Joseph?

    They really opened my eyes to the problems that the world is and will be facing with the current monetary economic system.

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Hey Ian,

      I have watched the first one! Fascinating stuff, also on recommendation (thanks Sonny) checked out which explains things so clearly.

      To be honest i find it all a bit overwhelming, but all you can do is chip away at understanding and then see how you can make a difference.


  9. Dear Serena,
    What a great article. My whole life was changed as a teenager when I read this piece of Dickens:

    “My other piece of advice, Copperfield,” said Mr. Micawber, “you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery. The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered, the god of day goes down upon the dreary scene, and—and, in short, you are for ever floored. As I am!”

    What struck me was that even though he knew accumulating debt would ruin his life he did it anyway. I saw this all around me; adults living beyond their means because they wanted everything NOW.

    I would expand on your final point on debt by adding that most people don’t understand it. They think they can use debt to have something they want now and to pay it off. For some huge purchases, like a home, this is the only way you will every buy something because prices will have increased so much by the time you save the money that you’ll never be able to afford one. For everything else, debt is a trap that makes banks rich.
    At 50 I’m now independently wealthy (and the best test of a reader’s attitude to money is if you rolled your eyes when you read that). Thanks to Dickens I figured out that the only way to be wealthy was to avoid debt when I was younger, and to use debt to make money when I was older.
    I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in my 30’s and while I don’t agree with everything he had to say (such as taking advantage of people’s poor circumstances to pick up a bargain) I did enjoy his observations about work and money; If you sell your labour you are at the bottom of the money hierarchy. If you sell your physical or mental skill you’re the next rung up. If you sell your ability to bring out the best in others (management) you can move up another level. If you want to be at the top level you need to send your money out to work for you.

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Some great points there Megan, and I love the Dickens quote – so true!

      We do live in a very consumeristic society (my spellcheck is telling me that consumneristic is not a word!) and this contributes massively to how much debt we can justify to ourselves.

      Congratulations for being independently wealthy, that is a very good place to be.

  10. That was a really interesting = great! Certainly agree that money doesn’t bring you happiness, in my experience happiness is a state of mind that only comes from within. Mmoney wont bring it except for perhaps a temporary and fleeting moment, as you stated.

    However I also agree with this comment by Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) that “money doesn’t make you happy – but I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and rich is better”. Yes I think that is true also. But if you are unhappy poor, then becoming rich wont make it better and I think you’ll be unhappy rich too.

    Point 5 was interesting, I agree with your argument that money now basically represents debt. Apparently in Britain in the old days, one pound sterling was actually, or was redeemable for, a pound of sterling silver.

    I know it’s a similar deal with the early Australian banknotes, except they were “gold bearing” notes and were redeemable for physical gold. You could do this by taking your one pound or 5 pound note to the Commonwealth Bank (which was owned by the government), and they would exchange it for actual gold.

    In about 1933 Australian banknotes became “legal tender” (whatever that means!) instead of “gold bearing”, which they were up to that point.

    Anyhoo great article, thanks for that :-)

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jim! I totally agree with your quote from Jordan Belfort! I think it is scary how things work now, the system of legal tender is a little nuts in my opinion!

  11. I enjoy reading through an article that will make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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