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Back on the Horse… in Geneva

Back on the horse

If this were Bloggers Anonymous, I would stand, walk slowly to the podium, turn, take a deep breath and mumble “Hi, my name is Serena and it has been one year and three weeks since my last blog.”

Seriously… Over a year.

Since the last blog I spent much of my time in Ireland and four months between Portugal, New Zealand and Spain.

Joining slavefreetrade

I volunteered to manage the communications for an exciting new NGO; slavefreetrade based in Geneva. In fact at this very moment I am writing this from my hotel room in Geneva, just across from a picturesque lake dividing The Bankers and The People Who Want to Make the World a Better Place.

My cohorts fit into the latter group and we have been planning, strategising and getting connected over the last few days. In all seriousness; the potential of this project is mind blowing.

Becoming a writer… again

In the mean time I have been ghost writing a book, attempting to write fiction and even applied for a Masters in Philosophy and Creative Writing, as you do.

I realised that despite my ravenous curiosity for all manner of hobbies, interests, charities, businesses, places and things; writing is the thing I keep coming back to. It’s the one thing that seems to tie it all together and so I guess if I am going to be a writer, I should try and master it. Be the best I can be. And what says masterful like a masters degree?!

I wasn’t able to write for some time as there were parts of me that were broken. But now things are healing and lifting and the only thing stopping me is that I no longer have the habit. So I intend to change that. Starting… 10 minutes ago.

Being in Ireland

The reason we are still in Ireland is that John was asked to play for his old Gaelic Football club, so we are staying here until they (hopefully) win! Either way once the season is over we will move on… Our ever changing plan for our next stop vacillates between South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Central America depending on our moods on the day.

But where will we go and what will we do? It’s really up in the air until the day we book our tickets. Everything is changeable. Everything changes.

Until then I intend to write more. More blogs. A new website. More books. Perhaps.

Bring on 2017

I feel like I am only now getting into this year properly! I have been hibernating in the twilight of a misty parallel universe. But reality is now dragging me back through a warm gooey wormhole and plonking me back on the horse.

Do you feel that way too?

If you like it, please share it!

Speak your lovely mind!

  1. Coming to think about , I do have the same feeling! Really nice return blog, well done and keep up the amaizing things you do. Cheers for the official begging of 2017 ;)

  2. I fell a bit the same way Serena- in process of becoming unstuck and reprogramming!

  3. Leonie Harris says:

    Good – Have read both your books but looking forward to some “How To’s in detail as I have no business experience and unable to locate amongst family and friends anyone using the internet in this way.

  4. Stefan Speller says:

    My wife and I bought the ‘Work from home bundle’ a few weeks back and are loving it. I’m reading through the books in the ‘business’ sections (including yours, Serena) and Dani is reading the ‘Blog basics /starter kit’ we picked up with it. The packs are amazing and we are both excited and making some pretty radical changes. Thanks again!

  5. Glad you are back on the horse, SSL; far too much ability to stay dismounted. Looking forward to reading very much more of your thoughtful and peripatetic ways.

  6. You give me so much permission to be behind the veil and re-enter when the time is right. Thank you! All too often I come late to the game, realizing that I have been in an exhausted state. Nothing productive nor creative can come from that. Love having you as a coach Serena! Love reading your posts.

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