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Back on the Horse… in Geneva

Back on the horse

If this were Bloggers Anonymous, I would stand, walk slowly to the podium, turn, take a deep breath and mumble “Hi, my name is Serena and it has been one year and three weeks since my last blog.”

Seriously… Over a year.

Since the last blog I  (more…)

A Life Change, a Direction Change, a Shiny Website Change… perhaps

Things have been quiet

You may have noticed a few tumbleweeds around here.

The truth is that I haven’t had anything appropriate to write.


I really don’t know what appropriate is anymore. It started as one challenge, then became another challenge and another and another. Some of these challenges succeeded, some failed, and some took me around the world.

And now I have this dilemma because (more…)

Should I have kids? A modern day conundrum…

Should we have kids?

There is this rhythmic noise that is getting louder as the years roll on.


No matter how much I ignore it, it is not going away. It is pounding with an urgency that is hard to ignore.


I just skidded past the middle of my thirties. Apparently the thirties are the new twenties except I am not sure that my ovaries got the memo (more…)

Freeing the birds & how Travel Kids Club came to be…

How Travel Kids Club came to be

Once upon a time in 2012, a couple of loved-up idealists ditched their crap, packed their bags and hit the road. 

They crossed oceans, wandered over mountains and through jungles, finding heart-warming examples of the most inspiring people on earth.

The end.

Just kidding! It’s really just the beginning… (more…)

Vicarious Trauma: When you Experience Too Much…

I just read my previous post, it’s heavy and it feels like a million years ago because SO MUCH HAS CHANGED!

Basically a few hours after I wrote it, with the world on my shoulders, I had a long overdue chat with my coach and discovered the concept of “vicarious trauma”.

As soon as I heard of it, a whole lot of stuff started to make sense.

If you are (more…)

Are you Drowning in the Wrongness of this World?

Overwhelmed with the evils of the world

Are you an ethically minded, socially conscious, animal loving, environmental soul?

If you are, I tip my hat to you, because you are probably exhausted with the constant heart-breaking barrage of every possible thing we are doing wrong in this world (more…)