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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Lessons from 1000 Days of Travel

1000 days of travel

We hit this milestone – 1000 days of travel – actually today it is in fact 1226.

Rather than write about all the amazing destinations and experiences we have had (I did that already!), I have been reflecting on how this has changed me and my philosophies on life.

Here are the main things that 1000 days of travel have taught me… (more…)

How to Record a Course, Without Smashing Your Gear…

How to record a course

I am thrilled to bring to you a new series where I share my journey to produce a professional course. Here is the low down… 

Behind the Scenes in the Publishing Industry: A Writers Perspective!

The Authors Journey - Book Publishing Tips

Are you a writer?

Do you want to publish a book?

Publishing a book is a goal for many writers and for me it is a huge privilege that I don’t take for granted.

The book publishing industry is mysterious and most authors learn through trial and error, because (more…)

Are you Overwhelmed or Overloaded?

Are you feeling overwhelmed of overloaded?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with the number of things you are responsible for? Or the number of things you need to do?

Overwhelm is something I dance on the edge of and I have developed a strategy for keeping overwhelmed feelings at bay… (more…)

Running Away to Join the Circus… or something like that!

We are kind of old to be learning acrobatics – but we don’t let logic (or strained knees, a dodgy neck, vertigo and old shoulders) get in the way of our acro yoga dreams!

At 35 (and 38) respectively, gymnastics is a little different to how I remember it at 12.

I am now a lot more afraid of heights and falling than I used to be.

I started acrobatics a few months ago with the core strength of a (more…)

Lifestyle Design: Are You Standing on the Starting Line?

Are you ready to design your life

Lifestyle Design: there has to be a starting point. The moment when something gets created.

It may be something you have been thinking about for years.

It may a longing for change that you haven’t yet acted upon.

It may be a moment of inspiration that just seems right.

Regardless of where it came from, there is a point when you step up to the starting line, wiggle your feet until you feel the grip beneath your toes, crouch into position and take a deep breath (more…)