The business of change (and why you haven’t heard from me much lately)

It is time for change.

I can tell by the amount of new challenges I am taking on that I am beyond the grief and back to my old self… Yay!

Finding myself clear headed again I  realise that my business needs to change in ways I didn’t anticipate when I started this journey.

Recently four awesome casual staff came on to help with different parts of the business, this has been a godsend but unfortunately has also highlighted the fact that I am terrible at delegating! But it is nice to know that I have some good people who are looking after things for me.

I am entering the world of speaking and looking for a great speaking agent to grow with (if you know one please tell me!).

I have taken the plunge in finding an accountant, using accounting software rather than excel spread sheets and considering how my business can run with no physical address.

Considerations now also include managing blogging while  trekking in random places, portable solar power and whether I need to schedule catch ups for my one day a week.

I recently met with a charity group and the idea is forming that we can have a mission for our travels that will benefit a certain cause which is an exciting concept! How cool to travel the world on a mission that actually makes a difference!! It is just conversation now but I will let you know how it develops.

In the mean time I am using my book to fund raise for some small awesome children’s charities here in Australia (I will tell you more about that in the near future) and some great news! Yesterday our awesome new Grassroots Internet Strategy website launched, thanks to the amazing efforts of Chris at Octoply. We really wanted to tidy things up and simplify the design, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Yes, I have lots of cool stuff happening and yes I have been quiet on the blogging front, to be honest I have been catching every illness under the sun recently and so I am taking a chill pill (well, more chilled than usual!). My brain is still buzzing though and I have been galavanting back and forth between Sydney and Melbourne for events and social occasions.

Anyway lots more goodies coming your way soon, and a chance to get involved in new and exciting 12 month challenge…

Stay tuned!

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