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Business Start Up, Painting Dots, Converting Buses and More!

Mandala Pebble - Serena Star Leonard


I am back! I have actually half written a few posts, but nothing really stuck, and rather than just rehash what I wrote some time back, I am starting fresh.


Website redesign

My website redesign is underway! Slowly however as we are working on a couple of client websites right now. We needed an income boost to fund the start-up of Travel Kids Club, so we launched Website Alchemy to feed the hungry beast!

If you know anyone who needs a website please send them our way!

Business start up

Business start-up is usually an exercise in creativity, hard work, luck and patience and Travel Kids Club is no exception… This project is huge. So I really hope we can keep one step ahead!

Should I blog about our business start-up? Would you find that useful/interesting/entertaining, vote yes (or no!) in the comments if you have a request!

Leaving Ireland

The most common question we get is where we are travelling to next and the answer is Africa… or Spain or Eastern Europe perhaps! Maybe South East Asia… Arrrgh! So many choices. So many countries!

One of my burning desires is to convert a bus and travel in it. We have even talked about the possibility of driving our bus from Ireland to South East Asia. How amazing would that be?!

So that is on the cards, but only once we get Travel Kids Club up and smoothly running because until then our time is sacred.

Painting dots

When I want a break from my screen, we walk the cliffs, forests or I paint stuff. One of the benefits of being in one place with an address is the ability to buy art supplies or order them online!

I am new to painting, and have been experimenting with a variety of mediums. Here are some of my recent creations…

Acrylic on Canvas

Mandala Serena Star Leonard

Acrylic on Canvas
Mandala Serena Star Leonard

Acrylic on Pebbles

Galaxy Pebbles - Serena Star Leonard

Acrylic on Card

Mandala Serena Star Leonard

Well that is all from me! I hope your day is happy, warm and that you get stuff done!

If you like it, please share it!

Speak your lovely mind!

  1. South East Asia! Myanmar!
    My 2 weeks there was life changing. I’m going back at the end of 2017 for a 2nd holiday and after that…something more long term? Who knows. Oh, and I’ll be traveling on a business visa next time. Think I might owe you an email.
    I hope to see you in Levin again one day too.

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