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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Running Away to Join the Circus… or something like that!

We are kind of old to be learning acrobatics – but we don’t let logic (or strained knees, a dodgy neck, vertigo and old shoulders) get in the way of our acro yoga dreams!

At 35 (and 38) respectively, gymnastics is a little different to how I remember it at 12.

I am now a lot more afraid of heights and falling than I used to be.

I started acrobatics a few months ago with the core strength of a (more…)

Income Challenge: Goodbye to Cancer Treatment Tour

Treatment Tour

It’s month 3, 4 and 5 for Andrea who aims to create a new income stream running tours for people who’ve finished cancer treatment. Here is her latest in the challenge…

Q: What steps did you take this month?

Andrea: This update is for November 2014 to February 2015.

I have created a Trafalgar tour for people who’ve finished cancer treatment and their support people. It will (more…)

Income Challenge: Online Coaching for Kids

Online Coaching Business For Kids

After being away on a pilgrimage (of sorts) in Spain Nancy is back and in action on her project. Lets see how she fared over the last few months…

Q: What steps have you taken recently?

Nancy: Steps taken up to point of writing include outsourcing website development to a designer in America.  This taught me that you if you cannot establish a good working relationship then the end-product will be disappointing.

And if you have even the smallest inkling of ambivalence from the Outsource, then pay attention to that and maybe go elsewhere. (more…)

Income challenge: Running a Writers Retreat in Bali

Women's retreat & Writer's retreat

Paula is half way through her income challenge and her Writers Retreat in Bali is underway! This is her half-way-through interview about her journey so far…

Q: What steps did you take in months 5 & 6?

Paula: I managed to FINALLY write an article for my website which leads into a link for the Writer’s Retreat: Writing a book is like fine wine…it takes time…

I’ve been doing some Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google + posting of the retreat webpages. Targeting groups on FB linked to writer’s/writing.

I’ve decided I’ll only do the Writer’s Retreat… I haven’t had any interest in the Women’s Retreat and as things have turned out with work/finances, trying to run 2 retreats with the time off involved just isn’t realistic for me this year.

It feels much more do-able now that I am focusing solely on one, and I can give it the attention it needs to be a success.


Income Challenge: Write and Sell a Book Month 4

Tom Norman - Write a Book

The 12 month income challenge is back! This time we catch up with Tom who is looking to make a new income by writing a book and selling it online. This is his update… (more…)

It is a Woman’s Prerogative to Change Her Mind!

Which way am I going?

Our plans have changed!

But before we get to that little news flash let me say…

Happy New Year!

Considering I am such a fan of 12 month projects I always feel a nice sense of clean slatedness when I get to January 1.

Technically it makes no difference to me as every day kind of feels the same, but still – a new year seems so fresh and shiny!

I have been (more…)