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heart in the sky

I am in Dublin, and the warm summer days have helped me ease into the new timezone over the last week.

This morning I woke up and opened my sleepy eyes to catch a glimpse of this (more…)

1000 Generations of Ancestors – Are You Doing Them Justice?

Rock paintings of Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria

You are the product of over 1000 generations of modern man. Maybe even as much as 2000 generations if you assume that every mother that begat every mother that begat every mother in your ancestral line was on average between 15 and 30 when they gave birth.

But at a minimum, a thousand generations.

A thousand men and woman living and dying throughout the ages with one remaining chance at (more…)

A Journey Through Australia and the Kindness of Friends and Strangers


The last few weeks have been intense/wonderful/full on/exhausting/exciting/[insert word here].

We have a lot of friends in Australia and so this is a different kind of travel. It combines adventures with familiar faces of the people we love.

We said our goodbyes in Auckland and flew straight to Adelaide – the next few days spent gas-bagging with Chris who is the perfect host/conversationalist/all round awesome guy.

We woke up at 6am on the first day in NZ time zones in his son’s room, and lying in our little beds, surrounded by toys we were all giddy. Maybe it was because of his super high speed internet or maybe because we were on the road again, but it actually felt like we were 6 years old on Christmas morning!

Next stop a Captain Cook cruise on the Murray River, we have 4 days to (more…)

FAQ: Have I really retired?

Retire in 12 months

Not surprisingly, considering the title of my blog and first book, I get asked this a lot!

So here is the answer to this burning  question…

The background…

I was working long hours 5 days a week in a corporate job, then after I quit I worked even longer hours 7 days a week being self employed – which is not at all uncommon!

Then (more…)

My daily blog challenge is a big fail!

Serena and Johnny

You win some, you lose some!

On the 11th of October I started a daily blog challenge, to get myself in the writing mood once more.

Well in the scheme of failures it is a FAIL! (more…)

I’m baaaaack! Salt Flats, Photos, Travel Intensity and Hello!

Salar de Uyuni

So the daily blogs just disappeared – did you notice?!

Even though I try to take on super human feats of activity – sometimes it just doesn’t fly.

But I am back… this time with a vengeance.

The last week+ has been so hard physically that I barely even touched a laptop, let alone write anything on one. So the blogs, the book and everything else just stopped. Sometimes location freedom looks like doing no work at all while you enjoy the location!

We did the trek I mentioned in my last post that just about killed me (more…)