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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Should I have kids? A modern day conundrum…

Should we have kids?

There is this rhythmic noise that is getting louder as the years roll on.


No matter how much I ignore it, it is not going away. It is pounding with an urgency that is hard to ignore.


I just skidded past the middle of my thirties. Apparently the thirties are the new twenties except I am not sure that my ovaries got the memo (more…)

Lifestyle Design: Are You Standing on the Starting Line?

Are you ready to design your life

Lifestyle Design: there has to be a starting point. The moment when something gets created.

It may be something you have been thinking about for years.

It may a longing for change that you haven’t yet acted upon.

It may be a moment of inspiration that just seems right.

Regardless of where it came from, there is a point when you step up to the starting line, wiggle your feet until you feel the grip beneath your toes, crouch into position and take a deep breath (more…)

Income challenge: Running a Writers Retreat in Bali

Women's retreat & Writer's retreat

Paula is half way through her income challenge and her Writers Retreat in Bali is underway! This is her half-way-through interview about her journey so far…

Q: What steps did you take in months 5 & 6?

Paula: I managed to FINALLY write an article for my website which leads into a link for the Writer’s Retreat: Writing a book is like fine wine…it takes time…

I’ve been doing some Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google + posting of the retreat webpages. Targeting groups on FB linked to writer’s/writing.

I’ve decided I’ll only do the Writer’s Retreat… I haven’t had any interest in the Women’s Retreat and as things have turned out with work/finances, trying to run 2 retreats with the time off involved just isn’t realistic for me this year.

It feels much more do-able now that I am focusing solely on one, and I can give it the attention it needs to be a success.


Income Challenge: Making Money Trading – Month 2

Make Money Trading

It is month 2 for Rob in the 12 Month Income Challenge and he is on the path to create a new income stream trading money.

Here is what happened… (more…)

Income Challenge: Make Money Coaching Kids

Online Coaching Business For Kids

We are back with the 12 Month Income Challenge! Nancy has a fantastic goal to create a new income coaching kids with their homework. When she joined the challenge she had another exciting life goal which meant her challenge got put on hold, but she is back and the challenge is back in action.

This is what happened in Nancy’s month 2… (more…)

Income challenge: Make Money Selling eBooks – Month 2

Make money selling eBooks

What does it take to make a new income stream from affiliate marketing and selling eBooks?

We are back with an interview with Ulrike Schuermann who aims to make $1000 a month. Here is her second month interview in the 12 Month Income Challenge…