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Thank you… what a response to the free coaching offer!

Ragamuffin 2014

A couple of weeks ago I put out an offer to give a free coaching session to 20 people.

The response was huge and I have been reading all of your responses over the last two weeks.

I really had no idea it would be so hard to pick 20 people! There are some passionate people out there with some exciting projects, businesses and goals and it has been so tough to choose who I will help.

Then in the midst of it, we got the email confirming that we could film a music festival in Rotorua for our new documentary. So we (more…)

Good Life Feature: Are you ready to Smash It? Meet Curtis…

Curtis - roadtripping

Every once in a while I meet someone who is outrageously inspiring, and today I have one of them for you!

Introducing Curtis Palmer who I connected with about a year ago, his life is all about Smashing It and I have been following his story with interest. Well I thought it was about time I shared him with you! Prepare to be inspired… (more…)

How Seth Godin helped me become a writer again


At the end of last year we unveiled my little brother’s headstone, and the whole process left me feeling sad again for a few weeks. I am learning that grief is different for everyone, and for me the biggest area I suffer is in productivity and creativity.

Late one night after three weeks of moping I lucked upon an interview with Seth Godin on his book Linchpin: Are you indispensable?

One thing he said was (more…)

TaDaaa! The birth of 3 lovely, juicy new websites!

three eggs

This is the best bit… having my awesome clients share their brand new websites with the world! As promised I am going to bring you a selection of some of the great websites that people are producing in the Website Launchpad course and this group have been super stars!

Here are the first 3 from the group with a short interview about their websites and you are going to be inspired, impressed and moved by their passions and experiences. Please visit their websites, support them in their endeavours, download their awesome free digital products and follow their progress as they take on the world one blog at a time. (more…)

Another opportunity to see history in the making!

Another treat! Four more fabulous projects/businesses/blogs created by the participants of the Retire Young course. Once again please take this opportunity to check them out, subscribe for updates and watch the progress of these amazing projects. Your support will help them kick off in fine style!.

Ulrike Schuermann – Childrens Promise

Who is your website aimed at?

Everyone and anyone in Australia with a heart for children and young people… particularly those who are doing it tough for whatever reason.  We would like to see every Australian child and young person reaching their full potential regardless of circumstance. (more…)

An opportunity to see history in the making!

This is a very exciting blog for me to write. I am pleased to present a selection of the people on the Retire Young course who have been working like crazy to create their own websites. I have asked them all three simple questions about their websites and below are the results. Please take this opportunity to check them out, subscribe for updates and watch the progress of these incredible people, I will send some more next week : )

Oliver Wagg – New Climate

Stories of environmental and social change

Who is your website aimed at?

New Climate is aimed at people young and old across the world who are interested (more…)