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Laptop Lifestyle: Finding Blog Paradise

Blog Paradise

Ever since I started blogging I have had this vision in my head of blog paradise. When you have experienced location freedom (or laptop lifestyle) for a while you start thinking ahead to where you will enjoy doing what you do the most!

In my blog paradise it is warm all year around. It is tropical. There is high speed internet and amazing white sand beaches. Everything is cheap and delicious. The people are friendly. Life is easy and visa’s are generous.

I have been looking for these places for nearly 3 years now. We have found some amazing spots in our travels and each time (more…)

It is a Woman’s Prerogative to Change Her Mind!

Which way am I going?

Our plans have changed!

But before we get to that little news flash let me say…

Happy New Year!

Considering I am such a fan of 12 month projects I always feel a nice sense of clean slatedness when I get to January 1.

Technically it makes no difference to me as every day kind of feels the same, but still – a new year seems so fresh and shiny!

I have been (more…)

Halfway to 70 and Becoming an Acrobat

Learning Acrobatics

On Wednesday I turned 35… halfway to 70!

In this modern world, we get to stay young for sooooo much longer than previous generations. I am 35 with no kids, no job, gallivanting around cooking quiches and taking each day as it comes.

I am still figuring out what I want to do with my life, and I just turned 35.

So I decided to become an acrobat. (more…)

Income challenge: Creating a Women’s Retreat & Writers Retreat in Bali

Women's retreat & Writer's retreat

What does it take to set up a women’s retreat or a writer’s retreat overseas? Can you make money hosting retreats? Paula Johnson is gong to find out!

As part of the 12 Month Income Challenge Paula is setting up 2 amazingly retreats in Bali and will blog the progress of her adventures in learning what works and doesn’t work. Here is the first of her inspiring interviews… (more…)

Ahem… What is going on?!

Serena Star Leonard & John Leonard

So some strange things have been happening on the website lately and I haven’t done a lot of explaining… sorry!

The reality is that things all got thrown up in the air here in Dublin town.

I guess it was inevitable really – so much travel under our belts – so many life changing experiences – so many opportunities – the world literally at our finger tips.

Writing Books

John has been (more…)

Income Challenge: Make Money Podcasting – Month 1

Make Money Podcasting & Affiliate Marketing

Can you make money podcasting? Christel Price is going to spend the next 12 months discovering how to get sponsored and how to do affiliate marketing in the quest to find s new income stream through her new podcast series.

Each month I will interview her as part of the 12 month income challenge so that you can follow her progress and learn from her successes and failures in lifestyle design.

Here is her (more…)