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Tales of financial desperation… and why you should do what you love

When I set myself a challenge of finding out How to Retire in 12 Months, I took a tongue in cheek perspective on what was to be a serious challenge.

The challenge was to give myself more freedom from the constraints of working 6 days a week on my business. I wanted to use the majority of my time for travel, to do the things I am passionate about and make a difference in the world.

When I was young I had a goal of being a millionaire by the time I was 25. I failed. (more…)

A sneak peek from our adventures! Inspirational stories for Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s theme is “The Power of We”.

6 months and 15 days ago John (my husband) and I left our lives in Australia to travel the world and find and film people that make a difference to their communities. People who genuinely live and breathe “the power of we”.

The journey so far has had us walk for a day in the shoes of people who often have very little, but give a lot. We have been filming these people for mini documentaries and I am very excited to announce the first one here today!

For all the other stories are some “sneak peek” photos and stories that will inspire you to believe in “the power of we”.

Sewing rubbish into fashion

Women sew plastic bags off beaches into beautiful things.

Crocheting old plastic bags into a beach bag.

We met these industrious women by chance near the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Large numbers of plastic bags washing up on beaches were not only an eyesore but were killing many endangered turtles who mistake them for jellyfish and suffocate after eating them.

They collect the bags, clean them, cut them into strips and (more…)

Volunteering for Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Warning: This blog contains photos of cute baby turtles that will make you say “awww”.

Turtles laying eggs and baby turtles hatching are two of the most awesome things ever. I did not realise this until I volunteered at a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica.

The trip to Pacuare Reserve consisted ofa bus, a taxi (in the back of a ute) and then a little boat down a jungle river packed full of crocs, exotic birds, monkeys, mosquitoes and (more…)

How can we help, when there is so little hope?

Where the bathroom will be one day

I feel like my heart has been torn out of my chest.

We have been volunteering here in on the north coast of Colombia for nearly two weeks. As well as helping in the school each day we are also filming a mini documentary for our new Five Point Five project.

The first week we were interested in learning as much about the foundation as possible. Who it was that we were to feature in our video, the heart of the foundation. So we went each day to one of the two little schools and helped out in our halting Spanglish with (more…)

Good life feature: How to change the world, one orangutan at a time

I am so pleased to bring you this interview!

Jessica McKelson is someone who has dedicated her life to her passion and done a really good job of it! I have been drooling over the tours and gorgeous pics of the animals, so I highly recommend checking out her links below.

What was the catalyst for your Good Life Crisis?

Ten years ago (age 20) I travelled to Indonesia to learn more about orangutans (as I was working with these animals at Melbourne Zoo). I was shocked by the issues that affected the orangutan and its rainforest home, such as the huge scale deforestation.

I decided that I would (more…)

Comings, goings and the deal with World Vision

A couple of days before we left Sydney John and I went to Melbourne to meet with World Vision and spend a day with the other bloggers who are part of this new ambassador program.

Luckily we had already moved out of our house a few days before as the period up to that point was a little stressful to say the least!

I met Joy from World Vision at the end of last year at the ProBlogger Conference (which is an awesome event btw!) and a plan was born, we would capture stories of people all over the world who were making a difference to their communities. After much thought we settled on the name Five Point Five thanks to (more…)