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Income Challenge: Create Group Business Coaching Sessions – Month 2

Make Money from Coaching

At the start of August Kylah Morrison was among a group of brave souls to take on The Income 12 Month Challenge. The go-getter set herself the goal of creating $15,000 in income over a year through running three group business coaching sessions.

What exactly is it like trying to make money from running group coaching programmes? Keep reading to find out. Below Kylah shares  how her first month of the challenge went, what she has planned for the second month and if she made any moolah!


Income project: How to Write and Sell a Book

Tom Norman - Write a Book

So many of us have aspirations to write a book – everyone has a story in them. But it takes a special person to actually put pen to paper, finish it, and then put themselves out there in the promotion of their book.

Tom Norman has a big plan and it will play out before your very eyes over the next 12 months! Here is his first interview… (more…)

Radio Interview with Iggy Pintado – Connected Networker

Another radio show! 2 weeks back we interviewed the super connected Iggy Pintado, speaker, advisor and author of Connected Generation.

This interview will give you tips and insights into being connected regardless of your age or interests.


(click here if you can’t see the audio player)

Please mention below where you connected with people online. Do you use Linked In? Twitter? Facebook? What do you prefer and why?

Bringing in the Big Guns – Video Blog & Questions

A minor freak out at how close I am to the end! I am going to bring in the big guns to make sure we succeed. If you can think of any gurus please suggest them below.

This blog was filmed on Bondi Beach on Friday, it’s the nice part of winter where it is warm and empty : )

I have a couple of questions for you because someone asked if I could film more videos for this blog, I don’t mind I just wonder how much of this you want in your inbox each week!

  • Do you want to see a video every week as well as the written blogs?
  • Do you have any preference for the types of blogs I have been posting?
  • Is there anything that I can make better?

Anyway I digress… here is the clip : )

How to promote your new website – the marketing buzz!

It is now 5 and a half months since we set up Grassroots Internet Strategy and at the moment we have approximately 900 visitors per month and growing steadily. We are pretty happy with the growth so far as it is a highly competitive industry, but we can always do better! We have been promoting the website in various ways and (more…)