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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Vicarious Trauma: When you Experience Too Much…

I just read my previous post, it’s heavy and it feels like a million years ago because SO MUCH HAS CHANGED!

Basically a few hours after I wrote it, with the world on my shoulders, I had a long overdue chat with my coach and discovered the concept of “vicarious trauma”.

As soon as I heard of it, a whole lot of stuff started to make sense.

If you are (more…)

Beyond the Grief – 4 Years On…

Ethan at Sunset

This weekend is the 4 year anniversary of my little brothers death.

He died suddenly – aged 24. It was truly shocking and devastating.

At the time I found writing about it cathartic. But as the intensity of the initial grief subsided so did my willingness to share the deep chest pulling hole that you feel when you think about the person you love who should be here but isn’t.

Especially if you have returned to (more…)

Are you a Third Culture Kid?

Third Culture Kid

Today, to my delight I learned about “Third Culture Kids”.

Third culture kid (TCK, 3CK) is a term used to refer to children who were raised in a culture outside of their parents’ culture for a significant part of their development years.

That’s me!

We are the difficult people who have a long, complicated or uncertain answer for (more…)

Daily blog #6: A book, a book, lets write a book!

Write a book

We love our apartment in La Paz! We have settled in and have been to the supermarket to stock up on yummy things.

It is so nice to be able to be able to know what is in our food, and pack our meals full of vegies.

Here we have the perfect space to write, edit and work – you have no idea how much (more…)

How choosing a tattoo gave me the meaning of life

The Meaning of Life

This week has been hard for me.

Physically we are settled in a gorgeous hotel in a gorgeous town. By chance I have been the model for many lovely spa treatments so you would think I would be on top of the world!

But I am not my usual super motivated self, I turn on my computer and I can’t be bothered, I have that haze of uncertainty like I (more…)

2012 – What the #**! happened?!

Every year seems to rush by… faster and faster!

As New Year’s Eve approaches I start to think about where the year went. A little stock take of what I achieved and didn’t achieve and what is in store for next year.

This year was a year of extremes… we changed everything about our lives.


In the beginning we had three months of packing up our lives, selling everything and then the last nine months have been solid travel.

We have had some amazing adventures but not everything went as planned (more…)