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How to be a super cool travelling lifestyle blogger with no Wifi

Computer says no

We arrived in Mexico yesterday and high-tailed it up the coast to Tulum.

We kept the taxi driver waiting as we checked into the hotel, he thought we were worried that we wouldn’t get a room, but I only had one thing on my mind: (more…)

33 things you don’t know about me

33 things you didn't know about me

I have been getting some really personal and beautiful emails from many of you sharing your stories, which have inspired me to be a little more personal too!

For many of us our relationship exists in words and blogs and comments, so I thought I would share a little more about me.

As I am nearing 33 – here are…

33 things you (probably) don’t know about me

I have spent a third of my life each in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. I am a citizen of each country.

I giggle a lot. Sometimes in my sleep.

I am strangely flexible and my fingers are double jointed.

I would happily cook big meals 3 times a day and I always have food on my mind. Food is love!

I once spent a year wearing

Confessions from the worst vegetarian ever

This post is for the vegetarians who eat meat from time to time, for the people who care about human rights and own an iPhone, for the people who want to change the world but don’t know where to start.

Sometimes it sucks to have convictions

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t read about the conditions that factory workers suffer through to make my iPhone. I love my iPhone.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about how the majority of meat comes from animals that suffer through barbaric conditions. I love to eat meat.

The truth about empathy and apathy

When I was ten I saw a fish in a market on a table, flopping from side to side. Its head had been (more…)

Simon Says… Inspiration from a retired Panamanian boxer

Every once in a while you meet someone who’s attitude is so cool that you can help but be inspired by them.

It was 9:30am when our taxi van pulled up in Changuinola – perfect timing for the bus over the border from Panama to Costa Rica.

A stocky man older man dressed in a white shirt and grey pants had walked off the street and was pulling everyone’s bags from the boot. I eyed him up suspiciously and when my bag popped out I grabbed it and swung it on my back to his great disappointment.

Our driver was hovering and we asked him where the bus terminal was, he waved unhelpfully in the general direction of a building. Just as I turned to look the white shirted man grabbed some of our smaller bags as well as a raft of other people’s bags and said “follow me”. (more…)

Mum, Ma, Madre, Mother, Mom – help is at hand with random Mums!

Its 9:45am and we have been travelling all night. We have just survived the icicles of the overnight bus from The Andes to the coast. Then we squeezed into a big old battered 1950’s car, to brave the check points on the 3 hour journey from Venezuela to Colombia, and that is where it happened. We found another mum. (more…)

What is freedom? (and do you need to be in the Caribbean to feel it?)

Free at last!

I am coming to terms with this immense sense of freedom, and it feels pretty damn good! It has got me thinking about life and perspective and I thought I would share it with you (plus a couple of travel snaps!).

The plan has changed…

Our original plan was 12 months in South and Central America then a month in NZ then a month or two in Dublin before we plan the next big year of travel.

A week ago we started to realise a problem with the plan… with our style of travel there will not be enough time to visit everywhere we want to visit here in Central and South America in a year. There is (more…)