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The book launches in two weeks! Please celebrate with me…

This is a very exciting blog for me to write and there are two parts… the book and the party!

It is now only 2 weeks until the first copies of the book arrive!!!  I think reality will hit when I actually see one in a shop. Is that the point at which I am an author? Having never been to university I guess this is a bit like my graduation, only without the cloaks (and the degree!).

Many of you have asked for a signed copy, so I spoke to my publisher who has agreed to let me use the first copies for the wonderful people (you!) who have been reading this blog.

The book is called How to Retire in 12 Months and will show you how to create value on the internet from something you are passionate about, and how to make an income from that. It is based on my journey last year to create a low maintenance income.

If you would like a pre-release of the book, I have set up Paypal and you can order one this week, I will even sign it for you! Just use the buttons below, check your area for the right postal costs, and fill in the box if you would like it inscribed. They should get to you the first week of April. Sorry this offer has ended, you can now purchase through the retire young shop

Meanwhile if you are based in Sydney please join me for a celebratory drink:

5pm – Saturday 2nd April
Bondi FM Bar
143 Curlewis Street, Bondi

Let’s celebrate!

Pre-Launch Diary… How to get a kick arse mentor

Yesterday I met with Luke Harvey-Palmer (Buzzle, Seggr), what a buzz! I saw Luke speak on being creative at Alphapreneur and decided on the spot that he would be the perfect coach/mentor for me on this project.

After 6 weeks of attempting to meet I finally (more…)

Pre-Launch Diary… How (not) to launch a blog

Well the blogs so far have related to setting up this How to Retire in 12 Months blog. On the 12th the nature of the blogs will change to the actual journey I take to create a low maintenance income for myself. This will be a step by step journey and (more…)

Pre-launch diary… Counting Down

10 days to go and nothing like leaving everything to the last minute!

From now I will write posts designed for the public and post them on the blog as I go. Actually I just decided to post up everything I have written so far as (more…)

Pre-Launch Diary… 4 weeks to go

Launch day is looming, and things are great in my head! But I need to get that communicated via web. Planning to use WordPress for the blog; my brilliant little brother Daniel is developing it as well as a new website for my (more…)

Pre-Launch Diary… Getting it started

Much has happened and not much has happened! I am a little impatient to see something tangible from the project. I have been talking to various people about the concept, and it is met with mixed reactions, luckily good responses from all whose opinions I respect. (more…)