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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Back on the Horse… in Geneva

Back on the horse

If this were Bloggers Anonymous, I would stand, walk slowly to the podium, turn, take a deep breath and mumble “Hi, my name is Serena and it has been one year and three weeks since my last blog.”

Seriously… Over a year.

Since the last blog I  (more…)

Ahem… What is going on?!

Serena Star Leonard & John Leonard

So some strange things have been happening on the website lately and I haven’t done a lot of explaining… sorry!

The reality is that things all got thrown up in the air here in Dublin town.

I guess it was inevitable really – so much travel under our belts – so many life changing experiences – so many opportunities – the world literally at our finger tips.

Writing Books

John has been (more…)

A big family bag of mixed nuts

Auckland Famly Skype

Q. What do you get when you cross English, Irish and Scottish with Tongan, Chinese, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Maori?

A. Dinner with the Auckland part of my family

It is Sunday, 5pm, the sun is still bright in the Auckland summer sky. The phone rings, a real estate agent wants to pop in to show Dad a new development he is looking to sell. Dad warns him he has “friends” here but welcomes him anyway.

5 minutes later he (more…)

I finished the book!!! The stressful end to 2013 and CHOCOLATE!

I am curled up on a black leather sofa – with Maya the very-licky-spaniel asleep beside me. A wild storm batters the huge windows around me and drowns the sound of the rough grey ocean just metres away.

We are house sitting on the coast of Wellington, New Zealand and after a few days laptop free,  I write the first words of 2014.

A documentary (more…)

Taking pleasure in the smallest of things

Walking the dogs

My favourite food is sushi.

Most places we have been to in Latin America unsurprisingly don’t have sushi and the ones that do have not been great. I remember clearly the amazing sushi we stumbled upon in Antigua, Guatemala and that was over a year ago!

Recently however, we have found a couple of places that serve a version of sushi – it has all been bad. Of course adding insult to injury (more…)

Daily blog #11: Oops… and an update to the foetus story

Self portrait

So I fell off the daily blog wagon.

I was doing pretty well – almost daily! But then we went out one day shopping and to the movies, as it turns out we are pretty weak from losing weight – so after the extremely strenuous activity of going to the movies we were wrecked!

Yesterday I had a mild freak out with (more…)