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Witches, Alpaca Foetuses and muchas shopping

San Francisco Church, La Paz

Yesterday we went to the witches market in La Paz. Actually it was two days ago now…  I wrote the first line of this post yesterday but ended up watching zombie movies instead!

For 20 months I have been seeing beautiful things and not buying them. Except for the occasional blowout when I update my wardrobe or our equipment. We only have space in our bags for stuff we will use, and occasionally we send a few things home. But we have been blissfully living the minimalist life.

With only (more…)

Daily blog #9: Did you know the world is FULL of people following their dreams?!

Following your dreams!

I have been interviewing people for my book. All manner of inspiring, motivated people who would not settle for ignoring their dreams (any longer).

What strikes me about all of these people is that they did not wait for the ducks to line up. They did not wait for (more…)

Daily Blog #8: ADHD, Diabetes and Autistic Traits – The Power of Self Diagnosis

Computer says no

It was only once I had diagnosed myself with ADHD, some mild autism traits and a moderate risk of Diabetes did I realise I was procrastinating.

I lack focus – big time, so the irony was not lost that my lack of focus took me to an ADHD test and various other (more…)

What do all of These Super Inspiring People Have in Common?

Inspiring people

Rochelle runs a fantastic charity Daya Trust that gives girls in India a better chance at life through education.

Tracey set up Life Changing Year quit her job and spent a year travelling with her family. She was determined not to work again in a job, so she now works from home and is about to spend a year or two eating peanut sauce (more…)

Daily blog #6: A book, a book, lets write a book!

Write a book

We love our apartment in La Paz! We have settled in and have been to the supermarket to stock up on yummy things.

It is so nice to be able to be able to know what is in our food, and pack our meals full of vegies.

Here we have the perfect space to write, edit and work – you have no idea how much (more…)

Daily Blog #5: Hola to the City of Peace

La Paz City

I had a queasy, 3 hour bus ride to La Paz (Bolivia), on the odd moment when I did look out the window it was beautiful and scenic as we drove around the lake.

Then they herded us off the bus to cross the lake – the bus goes on one rickety wooden boat and the passengers go on little motor boat – totally unexpected and kind of awesome seeing trucks and buses cruise across. (more…)