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Do You Suffer from Blogger Overwhelm?

Blog overwhelm pelican

If you have a blog or Internet business, chances are you are suffering from Blogger Overwhelm, the chronic inability to do everything you think you should do in the quest to reach your blogging goals.

Things change… lightening fast

Life is change. To live well you must learn to live with change.

But the number of changes for bloggers is ridiculous!

No amount of inspirational quotes will help you keep up with the continuous stream of (more…)

Writing, Art and the Confusing Yins and Yangs of Life

the boy and the crocodile

It has been a strange week.

We have arrived on the other side of the world – Dublin to be exact and I have been dealing with jetlag and crazy hayfever as well as enjoying gorgeous sunshine, a delicious new baby and catching up with John’s family.

My life seems to be a constant battle between writing and not writing, blogging and not blogging. Since I finished my last book on December 31st it has all been a malaise of not writing anything. Struggling to write with plenty of good excuses; we are too busy, we are travelling too much, I haven’t had a good place to sit… blah blah blah!

An hour with John Banville

Yesterday we went to an author talk with John Banville at the Dalkey Literary Festival in (more…)

Why a blog will help you get a book deal

Get a book deal through blogging

The book publishing world is changing and no-one knows what the future holds.

In the mean time people talk about traditional publishing being dead, I can’t predict the future – but what I do know is that traditional publishing is alive and kicking right now, and the opportunity to write a book is an exciting privilege I will be eternally grateful for.

Since my first book published I have spoken to dozens of writers whose main goal is to get a book contract. But for them publishing is a mysterious uncertainty which has no rules.

From my experience there are specific things you can do to increase your likelihood of being noticed and having publishers wish to invest in you, so I will share (more…)

Get a signed copy of my new book!

My new book is nearly here!

How to Succeed in 12 Months

I am really excited in the lead up to the launch of my new book “How To Succeed in 12 Months: Creating a Life you Love”.

If you have been following my posts you will have noticed that the last couple of years for me have been kind of amazing!

Like travel the world,  (more…)

I finished the book!!! The stressful end to 2013 and CHOCOLATE!

I am curled up on a black leather sofa – with Maya the very-licky-spaniel asleep beside me. A wild storm batters the huge windows around me and drowns the sound of the rough grey ocean just metres away.

We are house sitting on the coast of Wellington, New Zealand and after a few days laptop free,  I write the first words of 2014.

A documentary (more…)

5 Free Background Noise Generators for Productivity in Any Location

Sounds of the sea

Location Freedom – The ability to travel and work from anywhere.

One of the problems with travelling long term is we never know what our work space will be like – this can be a little unsettling until you work out what you REALLY need to feel productive.

John needs a desk or table for editing, I need big pillows as I like to work propped up in bed or on a big couch.

But the secret to my productivity is having a source of (more…)