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6 Sure Fire Ways to Change Your Life

A few people recently have confessed to me their desire to make a big life change but there is a huge fear attached to what may happen.

Sometimes a series of small changes is all you need to significantly change how your life plays out, so here are a few to get you started. Choose one, choose a couple and buck the routine you currently find yourself in.

Conquer your biggest fear

Do that thing you just won’t/don’t/can’t do. If it is a massive challenge, give yourself a big timeframe to conquer it… like 12 months

Whether it is speaking in public, learning to swim, flying, spiders, heights, being vulnerable, take on the challenge and set yourself up to succeed. If you can conquer your biggest fear you can conquer anything.

Sell your excess stuff

Get rid of all the things that you no longer use or need, I am going through this process at the moment and it is extremely liberating. You don’t need most of the stuff that accumulates so have a garage sale, or list it on eBay.

Adam Baker from Man vs. Debt did a great TED talk on this topic recently.

Do something for someone else

Choose a community and contribute to them on a regular basis with your time, skills, contacts and ideas.

Choose how much time you have and choose a community that you feel connected to. Depending on your skills, location and commitments there are communities who would be thrilled for your time and help.

If you are stuck for ideas, check out Good Company which connects skilled people with charities who need them, or check out these great little charities that I personally love:

Children’s Promise

Pyjama Foundation

Limit how much marketing and advertising you are exposed to every day

Marketing pervades every part of our lives. We are bombarded with it in magazines, bus shelters, television programs, radio stations, emails as well as in many movies, websites and much much more!

Marketing is all about consumption. Buy this or that, eat this or that, wear this or that, see this or that, do this or that, go here or there and you will be happier and have a better life.

Blah blah blah…

Turn off the TV. Notice marketing that you would normally only register subliminally, take back your mind and think for yourself. You may come up with something life changing.

Set yourself a huge personal challenge that thrills and excites you

Whether you want to trek to the North Pole, train to run a marathon or write a book… get into action on something that will test the limits of what you think is possible.

The only feeling better than having achieved something impossible is the moment when you realise you get to take on the next great challenge (!).

Book a class or course to learn that thing you always wanted to learn.

You are not getting any younger! However it is never too late to learn a new skill, trade or instrument.

Have you ever noticed that the years seem to fly by, well if you start that course today, you could find yourself waking up 2 years from today with a feeling that you have actually accomplished something exciting that gives you joy, opportunities or money every day, doing something you love.

Don’t delay, get started today!

There you have it, 6 sure fire ways to change your life for the better. Any takers?!

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Speak your lovely mind!

  1. JenniferBerensen says:

    Yep all good points the one I love is to take up a FUN, passion filled hobby or course. A class in something you always wanted to learn. Im in the middle of chemotherapy at the moment and am planning things to look forward to after its done. So Im going to do this and go to an Oxford University Summer School in the UK in July to study archaeology! WOOOOOOHOOOO! As always Serena great tips, great information. Happy and Prosperous new year to your and yours!! Lotsa Luv

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Wow, your archaeology summer school sounds incredible! Chemo not so good though, I hope you are ok? One of my clients has an awesome website that you may find interesting I learned so much from her website. Good luck with everything Jen and I can’t wait to hear about your travels! xx

  2. Great List Serena! I can’t tell you how much difference avoiding advertising has made in my life. It really makes a difference. It gives you so much more clarity. Your mind can only hold so much right? Best to fill it with the good stuff.

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Yes why fill it with what other people (companies) want you to see! I am interested, what do you do to avoid it? Other than the obvious TV?

  3. I was drawn to this post by the hungry caterpillar :-) Happyzine only advertises ethical and green products and services, all positively world-changing, so this is one way to stay tuned into a news source, be exposed to inspiring advertising! I’m making some big positive changes Serena, all will be revealed once I work it out myself!

  4. Serena Star Leonard says:

    Ooh it sounds intriguing! Bring on the big positive changes! Yes one of my fav books from my early youth!

  5. I think I’m doing all of the above in 2012! I knew I liked you for a reason! Lost weight, doing our Round the World trip for a year with the kids out of school and facing my nagging fear of not being gainfully employed!! Great list – thanks for reminding me of all these things!

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Hey Tracey, it sounds like you are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime… or maybe the first adventure of a lifetime as I am sure it would be hard to settle after that kind of trip!

  6. So timely Serena. I’ve already created the new year to be one of health, vitality and creativity. Exploring various avenues and opportunities of being creative. I love your creative list, which has me exploring how else I can experience and express my creativity. Here’s to a joyful, contributing and loving new year!

  7. I found your blog & book at the perfect time in my life! At 58, changing my life will not be easy, but I know I am not happy with where it is at, this is just what I needed to hear! Thanks so much for your insight-

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks for reading Marilyn! The decisions to change your life can be tough – so many unknowns to step into! But in my experience it is always worth it, even for the learning alone. If you can succeed as well, then that is a huge bonus. Good luck with your next steps and be sure to keep us posted!

  8. Great list Serena! I can definitely relate to your points here. I can say that I am taking the initiative to get rid of excess stuff right now. I am tired of being a slave to it simplicity is key in my happiness. Also, I find it very interesting that you mentioned limit the amount of marketing and advertising that you are exposed to. I have been doing this for some time, but others do not seem to understand my reasoning. Subliminal messaging is bad, and it affects you even when you don’t realize it. Thanks for the write-up, I enjoyed reading.

    Andy recently posted..I’m so happy, thank you all so much!My Profile

  9. I like the personal challenge! I decided I am going to learn Spanish and do the 6 months trip in three years time, visiting Spanish countries in South America :)It was about 2 months ago and I am still excited about it, so must be a good thing then :)The most important is to find out what is making you wanting to wake up every day and make sure you do it, no matter how long it might take :)
    Monika recently posted..Copenhagen – The Danish Jewish MuseumMy Profile

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