Good Life Feature: Are you ready to Smash It? Meet Curtis…

Every once in a while I meet someone who is outrageously inspiring, and today I have one of them for you!

Introducing Curtis Palmer who I connected with about a year ago, his life is all about Smashing It and I have been following his story with interest. Well I thought it was about time I shared him with you! Prepare to be inspired…

I love what you are all about! What is the philosophy of Smashing It?

Smashing It is the hub of positivity and real life stories of people achieving amazing things. I blog and share articles about a myriad of subjects that help people to not just achieve their goals but smash them. Its a place where I share my adventures, my successes and my failures.

How has the accident shaped your life?

A rugby league accident as a fifteen year old was the start of a new life for me. It has taught me that no matter what obstacle that is in your way you have a choice whether to let it beat you or to keep pushing forward. Its a mindset that’s within all of us.

Curtis Palmer - Smashing It

Curtis celebrates after the Wheelchair Rugby match between New Zealand and Great Britain. Indoor Olympic Arena, Athens, Greece .

It seems like you have recently started fresh with all sorts of new projects – what inspired the change?

Ha yeah – growth, new projects, new goals and new inspiration. This has all come about through a number of things really. I have surrounded myself with people like yourself Serena, people who are motivated to make a difference in peoples lives.

I guess I have taken on board their attitudes and have developed some exciting projects of my own. 2013 is already shaping up to be a big year with the release of my self published autobiography, some exciting training and learning new techniques to help people further, partnerships with amazing organisations, travel and a dream to play for Australia at the World Champs in 2014.

Curtis Palmer with some team members from the NSW Gladiators

Curtis with (some) team members from the NSW Gladiators

What drives you?

Its not something I can pin point to one thing…I am driven by the addictive feeling of successfully achieving my goals and by doing so making my mark on the world in a positive way. I am naturally driven, positive and solutions based.

I have removed all negative influences in my life (apart from the odd beer and Maltesers) and the people around me by notion of osmosis drive me to succeed. I am driven by the goals I constantly set myself.

You speak on a number of topics, what are the main messages you want people to get? Why is that important?

Yeah I speak about smashing adversity, building resiliency, finding your passion or getting in the zone and goal setting (among other things) but my main passion is helping kids to address bullying.

Curtis Palmer - Speaking in Schools

Curtis inspiring, motivating and sharing his story

I was bullied as a thirteen year old and coupled with my accident I have personal tools that helped me get through it. The main messages I want people to get is don’t just settle for just overcoming something or simply achieving something, why not focus on smashing that goal out of the park and then setting another task to smash.

Why is it important? Because so many people are living like zombies and live a life of regret. The positive psychological benefits of smashing your goals and living in your element have been proven to encourage happiness. Happiness to me is the is my true meaning of life.

Curtis Palmer - travelling in Sri Lanka

Curtis – travelling in Sri Lanka

What’s next for you in your journey to smash it?

Gee are you ready?!

Well I have teamed up with Horizons Week, Sport Matters, The Black Dog Institute, Unleashed Schoolies and The Resiliency Doughnut as an ambassador to further my knowledge and contribute in a positive way. Heaps of adventures to be had here!

I am being mentored by Pam and Steve Brossman (Magnetic Digital Marketing) and we are currently working on some different packages to roll out in the new year. My aim is to have Smashing It a feature in schools and the workplace in a big way. Pam has put me through her 8 week Digital Authors Academy and I have my autobiography nearly ready to be launched.

I am coaching the GIO NSW Gladiators wheelchair rugby team and am in the Aussie squad with hopes of attending tournaments in Denmark and South Africa.

Oh and I will continue to work at Youthsafe where I get to inspire students to think about safety in a different way. Yeah busy but I ensure I live a balanced life. That’s very important to me.

Curtis Palmer Scuba Diving

Curtis being carried to a dive boat in Bali 2012

Feeling inspired?!

You can find out more about Curtis on his website Smashing It.


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