Daily blog #6: A book, a book, lets write a book!

Write a book

We love our apartment in La Paz! We have settled in and have been to the supermarket to stock up on yummy things.

It is so nice to be able to be able to know what is in our food, and pack our meals full of vegies.

Here we have the perfect space to write, edit and work – you have no idea how much we appreciate a good internet connection now… it is heavenly!

I am working on my book with an amazing friend Helen, who also helped me with the last one. She helps me edit and structure it and gives me a second pairs of eyes and thoughts on the whole process.

With the last book we did such a thorough job that the publishers editor hardly changed a thing. So I was keen to repeat the process and work with Helen again.

This week we restructured it and today I read through everything from start to finish, and you know what? I am really happy with it so far! I am surprised at how good it is turning out. There is a huge buzz when your first book goes best seller, and a HUGE amount of pressure (all self induced of course) not to be a one hit wonder.

It’s probably part of the reason why it has taken me 3 years to write a second one!

So, I have a big push to write another 20,000 words in the next two weeks and finish all my examples for the book. The examples are the hard bit really, and I have put them off right to the very very end – which is now here, so I better get cracking.

So I am cautiously optimistic about the time frame. What is freaking me out is the title. Still no title. I am hoping it will arise, but nothing has arisen yet…

Wish me luck!

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