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Are you Drowning in the Wrongness of this World?

Overwhelmed with the evils of the world

Are you an ethically minded, socially conscious, animal loving, environmental soul?

If you are, I tip my hat to you, because you are probably exhausted with the constant heart-breaking barrage of every possible thing we are doing wrong in this world.

The social media barrage

With the advent of social media we were able to have more impact with our views, find like minded people and whole communities who, like us, are realising that seemingly everything we use and take for granted has a complicated or even devastating impact on a person, place or thing, somewhere in the world.

We live in a world of wonderful beauty, stunning nature and incredible humanity, yet at every level there is a pervasive sense of exploitation, abuse, corruption and greed.

Our water is being bottled and sold back to us at extortionate prices. Our air is so polluted in some countries we have to stay indoors. Our food is being tampered with, our babies are being born with traces of over 300 unnatural chemicals floating around their little newborn bodies and in general we do a terrible job of looking after our most vulnerable in our communities.

We are destroying the nature around us, destroying our indigenous peoples, and homogenising our cultures into an isolated, hard working, consumeristic society, many of whom are so afraid of failure that they would rather spend their lives idolising the successful than following their own hopes and dreams.

We live in a high tech modern world where slaves pick our chocolate beans, and catch our seafood, tides of plastic washes up on beaches, refugees escaping war and death are locked up or ignored, billions of animals spend their lives in abject misery and 1 in 4 people have been sexually abused.

And people don’t seem to care

To top it all off, many of the people we know and love don’t seem to care, or don’t want to know – so we feel unable to share the heartbreak without offending someone, and unable to express the frustration without being labeled an extremist.

It is exhausting! Some days I find myself drowning in the wrongness of this world.

And I am a happy person!

I am healthy and have love in my life, and a great lifestyle. And yet, it feels overwhelming sometimes.

Maybe because the women forced into prostitution have faces and names for me, as do slaves and the kids in the slums. I have experienced some oceans rich with life and others stripped barren.

I have seen miles and miles and miles of rich primary jungle destroyed to produce palm oil, and attempted to eat the perfect looking fruit and veg so modified that it tastes like cardboard.

I think the hardest pill to swallow is the simple fact that if we humans all banded together, we could have our collective small actions change the world! But today on this day it seems like it will be a very long time before everyone allows themselves to believe it.

If you like it, please share it!

Speak your lovely mind!

  1. your responses to the insanity and corporate greed of this capitalist system that is consuming our planet are entirely valid. hence my theory that depression is a SANE response to it! a great post, if sad. a wonderful book to read about this very topic you describe is “collapsing consciously” by carolyn baker. it HELPS, truly. :D

  2. I totally hear you Serena! I share and pass info on all the time just to help make people more aware but I feel it goes into a bottomless pit of apathy! If we each did something small – like don’t buy anything with palm oil for instance, I’m sure it could make a huge difference…but alas, as you say, people just don’t seem to care…

    • Yes I think the apathy is the bit that is most heartbreaking, because it means that people are knowingly supporting detrimental of cruel practices. Which could give you a pretty bad view of humanity… if you were that way inclined…

  3. Hey Serena, im a fairly new person here, i love what youre doing, i did a mini version of the same, sold all my stuff, went to honduras for a year(had hoped it would be for good, but thats another story). I had a couple years after when I was overwhelmed by the bad stuff in the world, but then, I started just working on what i can do to opt out of the system and encourage other to do so too. Your blog,books, coaching and lifestyle as an example are doing that in spades!! If you can get 1 person a month(which im betting youre doing) to have a laptop lifestyle and opt out of the system and do good things, and they encourage their circle to have one, and so on, it adds up real fast. Studies have shown once the square root of 1 percent of the population has an idea, it spreads to everyone. Things will get better sooner than later, thanks to people like you :D

    • Hey Dwight,
      Thank you for your kind message, I am so curious about your experience in Honduras :) I love the idea of what it takes to spread an idea. Sometimes it can all seem so big, but really it is all about one person speaking to the next person and so on.

  4. It’s hard when there is so much wrong with the world. I feel like I can only really take on a few of the problems, otherwise I’d just sit in my room crying all day about how messed up things are. Because we are bombarded with causes and information all day it has made us numb. It’s like when we watch movies, we become desensitized to things. It is so frustrating that if we did work together we could change things, but unfortunately money runs the world. I think the best thing to do is choose a couple of things that matter to you and work on changing them. We can’t do everything, but we can do something.

    • Yes we can do something! I see little glimmers of hope in the collective consciousness of humanity but just glimmers so far. There are just so many problems as you say, it does seem like a big hill to climb and each problem is interlaced with many more. But as you say if we all just did the things we could see that would be a good start.

  5. Wow Serena…..and everyone else who commented. You are definately not alone in your thoughts and feelings but I fear we are a minority on this beautiful planet of ours.

    I have learnt to just do what I do, ignore the smart-arse comments from the sceptics and be as true to my feelings & beliefs as I can. Surrounding yourself with like-minded folk helps too as they are the only ones who (truly) listen.

    Love your work Serena, keep smiling and never ever give up! :o)

    • Hey Deb,
      Yes surrounded ourselves with likeminded people is sooo important, otherwise it is just exhausting.
      I have had a major turnaround since I wrote this post and I will explain all in the next one!
      Serena :)

  6. You wrote a beautiful and sad reality of the world. The injustice and all the bad things are just heart-breaking.

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