What is the secret? How do we really fit everything in?

Sucre, Bolivia

About once a week I get asked how I fit everything in.

There are usually a few exclamations mark at the end like: “How do you fit everything in?!!”

I guess from the outside it probably looks like I am doing a lot of things: writing a book, setting up a new course, managing and marketing 3 blogs, filming documentaries in remote locations,  exploring new countries, coaching small business clients on Skype, filming hotel reviews and tour reviews etc.

But it is amazing what you can fit in when a) you don’t have a job and b) you love your work.

I am sitting in a cafe in Sucre, Bolivia – a beautiful town where all the buildings are whitewashed with terracotta roofs.

Sucre, Bolivia

The views from the gorgeous Hotel de su Merced, Sucre

It is our last day here and after 12 days we feel very at home!

We arrived first to review a gorgeous boutique hotel, reviewing is a fair amount of work for us so we usually only do one or two a month. One day on the never ending hunt for amazing vegetarian food we found Condor Cafe, their food is amazing and cheap and we soon learned from the Australian guy Randall who set it up that it is entirely not-for-profit!

He has created an organisation that empowers the locals who work there to take ownership and all the profits support amazing grassroots projects. We were looking to film one documentary in Bolivia and this just fell in our laps, the best thing is that Randall speaks English. So that means the video is a whole lot easier for John to make (no subtitles!).

We arrange first to visit a childcare that they provide meals for.

Bolivian children

These cuties get a kick out of seeing themselves on video

Then to trek to a library they funded to build in a remote village in a giant crater. It takes a day to hike each way and on the way out we speed out in the hot sun to try and make a bus – it is the hardest physical challenge I have experienced, well, hardest equal with the 12 hour volcano climb in Nicaragua.

We spend the rest of the day in bed and still feel wrecked today!

Tomorrow we leave all the people here we have spent time with to head to Uyuni, there we join a 3 day tour of the salt flats before heading to the Chilean border on our journey south.

So how do we fit all this in with blogging, writing, coaching and running our business?

Here is the secret: we don’t!

My book is on hold for a few days, we will have no internet access for most of this week, my coaching clients are waiting until I arrive in NZ, my daily blogs died 2 weeks ago and we are spending today buying tickets and getting organised for a week of travel. Today we find that there are no laundromats open on Sundays in Sucre – stink!

Clean laundry hanging

Consumed with clean laundry envy…

We fit in what we can, when we can. Sometimes I dream of stopping in one place for six months so that I can just write, cook, swim every day and run courses, that seems heavenly to me! But then the call of travel and adventure and all the excitement of seeing the world comes into play, how can you decide between those choices?

So we squish in as much living as we can, and sometimes we just relax and watch a movie. Although we have massive plans, we are happy to change them in a heart beat if we think of something else cool or better.

From my perspective there is not enough time in the day to create and explore so we just take each day as it comes.

We only have 24 hours each day, so, we do what we can to make the most of it.

P.S. It is only 3 weeks left until the Website Launchpad begins. If you are thinking you need a change of direction, this is the perfect place to start! If you are uncertain email me and we can set up a time for Skype call.

P.P.S. We condensed our entire Latin American adventure into one blog… enjoy!

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