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How can we help, when there is so little hope?

Where the bathroom will be one day

I feel like my heart has been torn out of my chest.

We have been volunteering here in on the north coast of Colombia for nearly two weeks. As well as helping in the school each day we are also filming a mini documentary for our new Five Point Five project.

The first week we were interested in learning as much about the foundation as possible. Who it was that we were to feature in our video, the heart of the foundation. So we went each day to one of the two little schools and helped out in our halting Spanglish with maths, English, art, games and sports.

The afternoon school is in a slum about 15 minutes from the city. There is no public transport there and so the cost of going to the city ($3 for a taxi) is so prohibitive that people don’t. Most taxi drivers raise their eyebrows when we tell them our destination each day. Some refuse to drive in and just drop us at the entrance, some refuse to go in that direction at all.

The kids next door

The moment we arrive we are swamped by the kids. Gorgeous, energetic kids, all smiles, hugs and playful banter. They walk us to school down the muddy, rubbish lined street. They are naughty and fun and loud and eager to learn. This is supposed to be an afternoon top up program but the reality is that some of these kids don’t have morning school. There is no money nor motivation for their parents to send them.

kids being kids

Tonight I got a reality check. It’s 7:30pm and I am eating dinner with John and the director, Oscar. When he was ten Oscar ended up on the streets and we have been slowly eeking out his story with our limited language. As a homeless youngster he watched hundreds of other kids go crazy with drugs and made a decision that he was not going to try them.

That one decision has shaped his life, and now he is dedicated to offering education to the kids in the slums, hoping to help these kids improve their chances of a decent life.

The reality for these gorgeous kids is that many of them will never leave the slum. There is a thirteen year old who is not sure who the father of her unborn baby is. There are three boys who are outstandingly talented at football but will never have a team to play with or shoes to train in. Most of the kids do not get enough meals. They are innocent but they know too much.

little girl

With each conversation with Oscar the enormity of the situation becomes more apparent:

“Drugs is a huge problem as the kids who start young are mostly impossible to rehabilitate”

“Lots of young girls end up in prostitution”

“Many of the kids will be drugged and/or sexually abused”

Some of the kids at school are pretty special, and I mentioned one such boy to Oscar. He is eleven and talented at football, he is incredibly smart and keen to learn. He is the kind of kid who is a good influence on the others, a boy who shines innocently with promise.

Oscar shook his head sadly, “his family is really poor, his mother is pretty crazy and has a new baby every year. He already has a huge number of siblings and his older brothers are all heavily into drugs.

Reality hits. I am overcome with emotion. I manage to fight back the tears until I get home.

Many of the kids that we are falling in love with have little hope for the future.

Many of them will not get the education or support they need to leave the slum.

Many of them will not escape the alcoholism, drug addiction, violence and abuse in their homes and on every street corner.

For these kids Oscar and the volunteer teachers here are truly their only hope.

The ridiculous things is that the foundation only needs $7,000 to finish one of their two schools.

Only $7,000 and they can finish the construction that has laid dormant for the last six months due to lack of funds. They need to build another classroom, toilets and connect electricity to the street so that they can use fans to combat the heat.

The maths are not hard, 140 people give $50 and voila! a school is complete that will affect the lives of hundreds of kids who could potentially be the next Oscar.

This is the bit that I am not very good at, but the reality of life for these kids means my own discomfort in asking you for money becomes unimportant. So, I am asking you to please contribute to the school!

Whether you can afford $5 or $10 or $100 or more. Never in my life has the term “every bit counts” meant so much. Even if you are broker-than-broke you can hopefully afford $5.

This is my mission. To attempt to raise as much of the $7,000 as possible in the next 14 days so that we can leave the money with them before we go.

Two small actions to make a big difference…

  1. Please contribute here financially, if you can’t use a credit card or Paypal contact me for bank details.
  2. Also share this on Facebook, Twitter and ask your community to give too, lets show these kids that the grown ups of the world really do care.

Yes! I will help finish the school...

Please choose an amount to give...
    Please email me ( if you wish to give an alternative amount and I will send you a link.

Kids from the school

UPDATE: Since I posted this we have already had $1480 donated towards the $7,000!  Also it has been shared ALOT by so many of you. Thank you so much, please keep it up! I really think we could possibly make it or get really close!

As a thanks for reading this far here are some snaps from the schools over the last two weeks.


Sports every Thursday

Sitting outside when it is too hot in the classroom

Sports day and football is a favourite

pig in the playground

School days

Doing geography

Yes! I will help finish the school...

Please choose an amount to give...
    Please email me ( if you wish to give an alternative amount and I will send you a link.

If you like it, please share it!

Speak your lovely mind!

  1. I hear you say that it seems so hopeless, yet you are already coming up with a solution to make a difference. And in the bigger scheme of things $7000 is a drop in the ocean.

    Keep on going Serena, and keep giving us the reality checks.

    • There is hope, but of all the projects I have been involved in, these are the biggest problems to solve so far. And we have been talking to street kids here too and it’s heavy going.

      Mind you, the kids in the two schools are sooo lovely, absolutely gorgeous! It makes it so easy to want to get involved.

  2. A very moving blog Serena. Thank-you.

  3. Put up on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Chip In and if Carlos’s org is a registered charity, you can put up on Crowdrise. Better World Books will donate (and ship?) books for a library if you get in touch, http://www.betterworldbooks. Get Tim Ferris to publicize your cause, if you can, the 4 Hr Work Week guy – he has a huge following on his blog and actively supports educational charities. Good luck!

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Hey Liz,

      Thanks so much, some awesome links there! I have seen Kickstarter, but the others are new to me.
      You have inspired me to contact not only Tim but a few other of my blog heroes too, so fingers crossed they can help get the word out!

  4. I have no words after reading what you are experiencing.

    I read John story and I was shocked. But seeing the photos as well – blow me away.

    Have shared your blog post – Let the Universe answer your question. Helping to raise the money would be so bloody good :) For everyone xx

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks so much for sharing it Lisa, the donations are coming in, I am so pleased!

      The experience so far has been great because it has reminded me what is important in life. I feel like I am alive again. But when it comes to the crunch, I REALLY want to see something good happen for these wonderful people.

  5. Hi Serena – I just shared this link on Facebook, but realized there is no link to the foundation to make a donation. Did I miss it? I would like to donate. Please tell me how. We are not called to have all the answers, or to understand. We are called to do what we can to make a positive difference. Look through new eyes. See the blessings – which surround these children. They have hope because they are alive. When I do humanitarian work – I find pockets of joy to celebrate. Listening, connecting, encouraging, affirming, and smiling are all gifts which can change lives and destiny. Embrace possibility. Where love lives, there is always hope.

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks so much for sharing it and for your donation!
      You are right about hope. I was pretty overcome with emotion with I wrote the blog, but there is definitely hope here. If you just look at the amazing people who run this there is a huge opportunity to make a difference.

  6. Good news! After several tries – the SUBMIT button finally worked. Here’s hoping you exceed your goal;)

  7. Hi Serena, reading your story took me straight back to my experience in Bali last year, working with the underprivileged children in Tianyar. Although your kids certainly have it harder it breaks my heart to see how any of these amazing children have to live and yet they just keep smiling and laughing – a lesson for us all. I know what you mean by “it makes you feel alive” – I think basic survival does that. Let each experience seep into your heart and memory, when you get back to the Western world it will seem a million miles away…you are both doing amazing work and making a difference in ways you can’t see or begin to imagine…like the butterfly affect :-) Blessings to you both xx

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks Paula,

      I am sure there are kids all over the world who grow up in these conditions. It is easy to forget how life is though when you see their happy smiling faces. You are right, it should be a big lesson for us all!

  8. Michael Gaffney says:

    Wow! Inspirational…. Really glad to help.
    Michael :-)

  9. Julie-Ann Wills says:

    Thanks Serena, what an amazing experience. Just makes you want to do something and be part of it, have sent it on to everyone. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks so much for sharing it. As well as the money (which of course is awesome!) I have been blown away by everyone being willing to share their story with their communities. Such a great feeling to be part of this community right now.

  10. Good on you Serena! It’s out there, I’m Happyzing it and using the other social networking sites. Hope it helps!

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks so much Charlotte, I really appreciate it. Its always an honour to have Happyzine support xx

  11. This is a great thing you are doing, an amazing experience for you and really making a difference for those kids. I too sometimes feel so powerless but you remind me we can all do something, even the little things, like the small donation to your cause, all adds up. Good on you! I look forward to hearing updates on how you go and am off to share now!

  12. Serena Star Leonard says:

    It is amazing how it really does all add up. I can really see how important all of those $5 and $10 are now in the scheme of things. We spent the morning today laying pipes for the bathroom and levelling the path to the school. It was so good to see the money we raised just this week going straight into developments for the school!

  13. Hi Serena,
    I’ve just donated – and will be posting this link to generate interest and motivate to get the funds so you can finish the school…xx

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  15. Having heard a radio interview with Serena this morning I was prompted to have a quick look at this website.

    My lesson I have learnt from reading the foregoing posts is that everyone’s effort and input counts whether it be a little or a lot of money or the gift of practical and physical on the spot input.

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