Income Challenge: How to Become a Public Speaker – Month 2

How to become a public speaker

The 12 Month Income Challenge is following a group who are attempting to make money in new ways over a period of 12 months. Andrea Fairbairn is among the group of people who have taken on the challenge.

At the start of the challenge Andrea set herself the goal of getting five paid public speaking engagements. The first month of the challenge has taken Andrea on an interesting journey…

What steps did you take this month?

Andrea: It has been an eventful few weeks since this started. Progress has been exponential, but in a different way than I thought. Firstly I did my plan for public speaking. I also did a coaching session with Tracey Pederson on travelling in Europe to start to get my trip planned. Thanks Tracey!

I also did a coaching session with Serena, as I’ve been thinking through ideas for my new website My Life Nirvana and fundraising for my new charitable trust The Cancer Nirvana Trust. A lot has been happening.

What have you discovered?

Andrea: I made the public speaking goal and immediately got busy on other projects. As they say ‘all roads lead to Rome’ and through another path, I am writing this Blog from Rome. So my income challenge had now changed in its objectives and pace. I have actually achieved my goal of getting to Europe ahead of the income challenge.

What worked?

Andrea: Over the last few months, I’d been thinking about how I could travel in Europe and also work in Europe at the same time. I put a proposal together to run tours for people who’ve finished cancer treatment. This is now going ahead for 2015!!

We are just putting together the details and marketing and half the commission for the tours will go to my charitable Trust. I will also accompany the tour group as a support person so I am going to Europe. My goal from the challenge was to get to Europe on holiday. Now I am in Europe and also going back in 2015 fully funded.

I also was offered a house sit in Umbria, Italy for three months. At first I thought there was no way that I could do it. Friends helped me work out how I could make it happen and I booked the tickets to Italy with a focus of finishing my book within the three months.

I decided to withdraw from the house sit, but now will be basing myself in Umbria and Verona and still aiming to write (plus do a yoga retreat and some sightseeing).

I also have a possible partnership lined up with a cancer organisation to work on a cancer project together.

What didn’t work?

Andrea: I am not actively working on the public speaking project, but will do so when back in New Zealand.

What useful resources have you found?

Andrea: I’ve discovered that I’m great at writing proposals and can achieve my goals if I am persistent. So I’m excited to see where my tours will go and time in Italy will take me.

I had a couple of coaching sessions with Serena to get my tour proposal and concepts right – and also to look at fundraising for my trust.

What steps will you take next month?

Andrea: On September 30, I travelled to Italy. Over the next two months, I will live in Italy with lots of new experiences, plus work on my writing, funding proposals and income projects for December and January.

Have you made changes to your plan?

Andrea: I’m replacing my public speaking project with a post-cancer treatment tour project. I’ll do an update on this next month when I have the publicity material.

The tours are for men and women who’ve had any type of cancer and live in any country. The tours will be a celebration for finishing cancer treatment. The first tour will be to London, France and Italy for around 12 days. My goal is to get 40 people booked on the tour.


Money made this month: I was offered $50 USD to include a link on my website
Money made in total: Zero
Money spent: 2 x coaching sessions
Time spent: 60 hours

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