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A Life Change, a Direction Change, a Shiny Website Change… perhaps

Things have been quiet

You may have noticed a few tumbleweeds around here.

The truth is that I haven’t had anything appropriate to write.


I really don’t know what appropriate is anymore. It started as one challenge, then became another challenge and another and another. Some of these challenges succeeded, some failed, and some took me around the world.

And now I have this dilemma because the whole “in 12 months” thing is a past-based thing. It was life changing and now my life is changed. I have changed. I have grown. And this feels like the past.

I am a passionate social entrepreneur. I am a collector of shiny projects. I am a compulsive creative. I am a human.

Since starting this blog in 2009 I/we have…

  • Created this blog
  • Written and launched the book How to Retire in 12 Months – which is now a best seller and published in 3 languages
  • Created the website resource Grassroots Internet Strategy
  • Lost my beloved brother
  • Travelled for 4 years through 26 countries
  • Created the website Five Point Five and filmed 29 inspiring documentaries in some of the most remote and difficult places/situations on earth
  • Volunteered in many of these places
  • Started (and lost interest in) a new income challenge
  • Written and launched the How to Succeed in 12 Months book
  • Built and maintained websites for many clients
  • Ran several Website Launchpad courses teaching people how to build a website and community online
  • Started (and put on hold) an art based membership
  • Created promotional and review videos for hotels, tours and cruises, music festivals, authors, travel products and more
  • Spent 4 years developing the concept of an altruistic, educational project for kids
  • Spent hundreds of hours coaching my small business clients
  • Decided to live as vegetarians
  • Visited incredible ancient ruins in Asia and throughout Latin America
  • Helped loads of people with website start up, and strategy
  • Written 20% of a dark novel
  • Attempted to learn Spanish
  • Scuba dived in many places I have dreamed of
  • Self-studied natural health, the environment, cooking, politics and social systems
  • Developed more than 20 book ideas that I will pursue one day
  • Reconnected with my family in Malaysia and discovered my family history
  • Lost John’s beloved brother in law
  • Rediscovered jewellery making, drawing and painting
  • Spent 2 months in bed dealing with grief, depression and overwhelm at the problems of this world (and the Irish winter)
  • Connected dozens of volunteers and fundraisers with the charities we have visited
  • Discovered a love for meditation retreats, hot yoga, and acrobatics

And now…

We have launched an educational, social enterprise called Travel Kids Club.

Meanwhile John has also been maintaining his website Sober Paddy, and wrote, launched and won awards for his autobiography Dub Sub Confidential and has delivered inspiring presentations to over 6000 students and adults already this year about mental health.

While we are in Dublin he has gone to his old club to coach young goal keepers and now has a sports column.

It seems like a lot when I write this all in one place.

What does this mean for 2016?

The reality is that the How to Retire in 12 Months challenge has changed me… a lot. I thought this was a simple challenge to change my lifestyle, and it changed my lifestyle in an amazing and wonderful way. But when all is said and done, the biggest change is in me. A total life change.

I am not the same person that first declared this project. I have since discovered life and death. Extremes of happiness and sadness. Extremes of love, abundance and great loss. Extremes of compassion.

And now, this blog which used to be my personal blog doesn’t fit me any more. It is too one-dimensional. Too limited. So I am considering an identity change! I thought the last identity change would last me for 10 years at least but this wasn’t the case. It would seem I move too quickly for 10 year plans.

Today I realised that I don’t have to try and fit into the old blog, I can bring the old blog into the new me. The more compassionate, passionate, vulnerable, emotional, activist me. The dark me. The gentle me. The creative me. The humanitarian me. The angry me.

What’s next with this life change?

Well, I haven’t worked out the finer details. But this is the first step. The announcement of something new that will possibly, maybe, eventually happen!

A new shiny project to add to my shiny list of shiny things I want to be and do like hot air ballooning, creating an eco village, diving with whale sharks, converting a bus, meditating, writing a million new books and giving kids the confidence to change the world.

But it’s just an item on a list because my total focus right now is on launching Travel Kids Club, so please share the website or the video with the socially conscious parents and grandparents in your life!! Seriously!! Because I am going to go a little nuts if we don’t launch soon.

If you have read this far thank you! You may have been here since the beginning or you may have just stumbled on this blog with a furrow in your brow. You may be thinking what a load of crap from this navel gazing idiot!

I wouldn’t be anywhere near as inclined to do as much ranting, writing and navel gazing if it wasn’t for you, so thank you for bearing witness to the birth of Serena 3.6.

I think I need to eat something.

If you like it, please share it!

Speak your lovely mind!

  1. Hello ❤️
    Ha ha! So much has changed and yet the great adventurer remains at the centre of it all. I hear you darling and everything will be ok. I really really relate to your creative exploration of so many different things. It’s awesome! This is what you’re here to do! Obviously. Explore and taste it all. I think you’re right on track Serena you awesome human you! Keep on rolling, love, Charlotte X

    • Haha true, maybe my calling is to simply sample the experiences of life! That would be something worth living for :)
      I feel like I am going through a great personal change it I am looking forward to seeing where it ends up.
      Thanks for all the support Charlotte! xx

  2. Love it!! Thank you for sharing so authentically from your heart Serena…we are all a work in progress…forever evolving..changing..growing…if we’re not we may as well be dead so keep on keeping on hun…the jewel is in living your passions and you my dear are the Queen 😊
    Paula Johnson recently posted..Motivational Astrology Forecast – May 2016My Profile

    • Yes I like that! The perfectionist in me is giving way to the work in progress, it’s a lot more fun and open minded. It has been so nice to have you in my evolutionary process! xx

  3. Well, you are interesting not because of what you do, but because of who you are. So whatever you do, you will imbue it with the same Serena-ness that we all think is awesome. You are at the wheel of this whole thing, and it’s about the journey. :)

    • So true, the true journey is the journey haha! Sometimes I am acutely aware of the journey being what it is. Other times not so much. Of course these are the times when things are not going the way I imagined! But it’s all about bringing it back to this very moment… xx

  4. I was going to write something awesome about your wonderful piece of writing but to be honest I think am awestruck. Serena the life you are living and the credits to your name are more than several lifetimes worth and I am honoured to know you.

    The Travel KidsClub will be magnificent and when the time is right it will hit the stratosphere. You have changed many lives -mine included and for this I thank you.
    Be gentle with yourself.

  5. Hello Serena, read your book and decide to visit your website and yes it really inspired me, thanks.

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