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Location Freedom Guide: How to Earn While You Travel the World

Location Freedom - Travel and Work

Location freedom. The ability to earn money from anywhere in the world.

We are travelling for 3 years and most people we meet assume we are very very rich! But alas financially this is not true… yet.

What we have is a travel income. We have created different income streams that are flexible and low maintenance. We can earn while we are by the beach in Bondi or climbing a volcano in Nicaragua.

Some incomes require a lot of attention and work, others required our attention at one time, but not very often any more – yet they still generate income – yes this is cool!

As we travel we meet loads of cool people who have differing levels of location freedom due to the income choices they make, here they are in all their glory.

Location Freedom, Travel Work

Sell something online

Guess what? People buy and sell stuff online! Real things, digital things, information and services. It is possible to automate much of this and if you are really clever you can create a online business that funds your travel.

Start by doing your research and making a plan; what will you sell? who will you sell it to? how will you promote it? how will you take money? how will you distribute it?

Do A LOT of research and speak to a lot of people who have experience with your audience and with selling similar products.

Understand that your ability to market your product will make or break you, so if you have no marketing background and no experience, get support from people who do. Get real about what it will take and if it seems like something you could sink your teeth into, get started!

For us: The things we sell include my books both physical and digital, a Twitter for business eBook, a Website Launchpad Course, one-on-one business coaching and lifestyle coaching.


What skills do you have that people would pay for?

There is a huge industry of people who fulfill short term contracts and part time work from their laptop. Can you write, blog, design, draw, program or edit video or audio? Do you have skills in book keeping, app development, animation, website development or data entry?

People hire and outsource to freelancers and many times it doesn’t matter if you are in Tijuana,  Tipperary or Timbuktu as long as you can communicate by email and potentially by phone or Skype. This will give you freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world.

Freelance jobs can be found in many places including:

ElanceFreelancerGuruODeskProBlogger and Freelance Switch.

For us: when I first started my business, I supplemented my income with a variety of freelance work which allowed me the freedom to work from home. Now I often hire people using Upwork.

Get travel work

This will probably appeal more to people in their late teens or early 20’s but it is one way to work your way around the world. There are a variety of jobs available for travellers who are willing to stay a few months in a place.

Hostel reception, bar work, work/stays, tour guides, promotions wherever you have large groups of travellers you will likely find business owners who are happy to exchange your labour for living expenses.

This is hardly going to be your retirement fund but it can keep you travelling for months/years longer than you have the savings for.

Play Poker

There is a whole community of people who play poker for a living, mainly online. It takes years of practice and learning to become a winning player, so this is not something you can just walk into.

If you have a brilliant maths mind, shine under pressure and your middle name is Zen then this could be the location freedom career you have been looking for.

For us: John’s main source of income is playing poker online.

Location Freedom, Work Anywhere

Try Forex Trading

In some ways Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) is similar to playing poker!!

It is estimated that less than 5% of people who trade Forex actually make a profit, so dabbling is unlikely to give you the income you need for freedom! There are systems and programs that can help you spot opportunities, at which point your emotions will decide how you fare.

For us: John is slowly exploring this when he gets the time. 

Adventure sports work

The next level up for travel work is some of the exciting sporty jobs like ski/snowboard/surf instructor, or scuba dive master/instructor.

These are the kinds of travel jobs that could see you work year round or from season to season in fun jobs, that may not pay much but often come with accommodation and a ready built community of people ready to live the high life and party like it’s 1999.

Look into what licences and courses you need to get an adventure sports job, some of these take time and money. For scuba diving, you will need at least a Dive Master licence to work in the industry.

There are also training courses and/or licences needed for being a Sky Dive Instructor, a Bungy Jumping Instructor or a Snowboarding Instructor.

Work in the mines

We have met three different people who enjoy location freedom by working in the mines.

They guys we met all work like a mad things for 6 months-12 months, save plenty of money and then travel the world until the money runs out. Then they go back and repeat the cycle.

Their advice for getting jobs… it helps to know people in the industry and to have experience with heavy machinery.

Work on cruise ships

Like mining, working on cruise ships can be extremely long hours and hard work, but it is possible to save a good amount of money in a short space of time.

Like mining think several months of work, followed by the opportunity to work your way around the world in your time off and between jobs. If you have the right experience check out jobs available on cruise ships.

Reduce your costs

One way to give yourself more travel freedom is to spend less in general!

This may not seem like thrilling information, but as we travel and don’t own more than we can carry, we buy less things.

REVELATION, I have everything I need in the world and it weighs 22 kilograms!

Would you rather own lots of pretty things or work less and travel the world? Most people make this choice every day without realising it.

If you are serious about having location freedom, maybe it is time to minimise, downsize and sell off all that stuff you don’t need or use… what should you do with the money?

I know what I would do!

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  1. What an awesome list! I’m working on a few of these! It’s a bit of hard work now but it’s also heaps of fun!
    Tracey – Life Changing Year recently posted..How To Cut Your Transport Costs In AustraliaMy Profile

  2. Great, original list! The foreign exchange one is huge if you have the right knowledge. We are in Argentina at the moment and with $US you can almost double your money!
    Kylah recently posted..What I Learnt About Climbing Volcán VillarricaMy Profile

  3. Thanks. What a great blog Serena. I love travel too and some of my travel adventures are the best times in my life :)
    Andrea recently posted..HOW Study Reaches 40,000 – And Keeps GrowingMy Profile

  4. Nice post Serena,
    I am reading it on my phone on the balcony of my villa in Medewi, Bali.

    The ability to create a business that would allow me to travel is what attracted me to online marketing.

    I am funding my travels by doing freelance PPC work but I want to scale this into a better business as well as have some more automated ways to make money online.

    But it can be done folks. :)

  5. Brilliant post! I’m about to go on a round the world trip and am a bit worried about finding some freelance work online… you just inspired me! I’m sure it will work out if I just put in some time and effort! :) Thanks! Hope to bump into you one day!

    Eartha recently posted..My RTW Update: 1 Week Till TakeoffMy Profile

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  7. Hi Serena, Inspiring blog piece, thanks! You might want to check the link to Elance, as it comes up with a 404 page error and redirects to another blog of yours. Cheers

  8. Hi Serena

    Fun blog and you’re right, forex trading can make you geographically and time free. I’ve included a website link to help John on his way with forex trading. He’d also find the 10 Powerful Lessons you can sign up to on the site will fast-track him.

    Many aspects of playing poker successfully will stand John in good stead for successful forex trading.

    Good luck and I wish you both well.

    Cheers Rachel

  9. It is certainly interesting that John’s main source of income is Poker. Not something I would have imagined as a viable method of traveling and working. Great set of tips in general.
    A b recently posted..Friday Photo: Hanging in mid-air – IndiaMy Profile

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