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Good life feature: from young mum to millionaire before age 30!

Almost 2 years ago, Kylie Ofiu decided to change her life to give her family more time together and enable her husband to work less. She wanted a better quality of life and I really resonate with her story… it’s so great that there are so many people now with such exciting lifestyle goals!

What was the catalyst for your Good Life Crisis?

Kylie: My husband was working crazy hours and we barely got to spend any time together as a family. A whole week could go by and he would not see our daughters awake at all during that time due to leaving and coming home in the dark. I could not work because of his hours, which made things difficult.

One day I decided enough is enough: our situation will not change unless I do. So I set a goal to become a millionaire by 30 (I was 24) and start blogging about it. I figured anything I could do to make money would equal more time we could have as a family.

How has this changed your life?

Kylie: Setting this goal and blogging about it changed our lives drastically. Within 1 year of blogging I ended up with a book contract for 365 Ways To Make Money and I was asked to do some freelance writing and public speaking – launching a whole new career path for me.

I have learnt so much and this has allowed me to help my husband provide for our family through the things I was doing to make money.

I have also learnt a lot about finances, self improvement, motivation, setting goals and what is important to me.

What lessons have you learnt as a result?

Kylie: I would say the biggest thing I have learnt is that anything is possible. You just have to set a goal and go for it.

My biggest mistake I think would be not selling my house for a little less than we wanted in 2010. It was worth more then than it is now, and by not selling we ended up having to move back in (after moving back from interstate) and having to fix it up even though I didn’t want to live there…

My proudest moment would be a cross between getting my book contract and becoming an international public speaker. The moments I got asked to do each of these things were equally amazing, for different reasons.

What has been critical in your journey?

Kylie: I think determination to see things through is really important as well as a strong support network. My sisters have been a great support to me, as has my husband and many other family members and friends. Knowing I have people who believe in me, encourage me and want me to succeed really helps.

It’s also crucial to have a strong desire to succeed, set SMART goals with plans to achieve them, and keep an open mind.

My situation changed a lot over the last 2 years and it has most definitely not always been easy but by being determined and keeping an open mind I saw opportunities many others missed, helping me to stay on track with my goal to be a millionaire.

What is your top tip for staying motivated?

Kylie: A vision board/motivation wall. I have mine in my room. The vision board is basically a board with words and images of things I want to achieve or have in my life.

It is a constant reminder of the direction in which I am heading, what I want in my life and by having it on my bedroom wall I see it first thing every morning and last thing every evening.

What is one thing you wish you knew?

Kylie: I wish I knew more about support groups such as entrepreneur groups discussed in numerous books I have read during my journey. Starting out would have been much easier and I am sure my journey would have been faster if I was part of one of these groups from the beginning.

What’s next?

Kylie: I plan on achieving my millionaire goal by April 2015. I also plan on publishing some more books, expanding my blog and we are aiming for me to be the main income earner soon.

Once I am a millionaire I will be continuing my journey so I become financially free and we will be free to travel, live where we want to instead of where we have to and be able to help others more.


For some more inspiration, read about Kylie’s Vision Board and her real ways to make money.

This series on passion based business and alternative lifestyle options has run for a few months now and I would love to know what you think? Are you enjoying all of these inspiring individuals? Does it make you look at what you think is possible?

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  1. Love your blog Serena and what you do. And I loved this interview with Kylie Ofiu. It’s so good to see people with passion not only following through with what they believe in, but sharing their insights and discoveries. It’s such an inspiration to the rest of us who may also aspire to similar heights. Thank you!

    • Serena Star Leonard says:

      Thanks for visiting the site Debbie! Kylie is such a lovely and positive woman which makes her success all the more sweeter.

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