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Say Goodbye to Not Enough Time

There is not enough time to do everything I want to do in a day, week, month or year. That seems to be a common complaint in my life, not enough time, not enough time and simply not enough time!

Today I hit my tolerance. I seldom get bored (no time to get bored!) but from today I am bored with having the not-enough-time conversation with people who enquire how I am doing. I am bored with other people not having enough time as well and rather than analyse the why and how and the behaviour and the distraction I am going to end the conversation as of today.

RIP my sad conversation of “gosh I am so busy” and “golly there is so much to do” that I have fed and nurtured all these years. You have served me well with a wealth of rapport building and small talk that you have comforted me with and today, you are gone.

So what now? What conversation will I create in its place?

Here is conversation number one: The reality is that I create my life to be busy and I love it and feel that I am making the most of my time here. If I think back throughout my entire life if I ever had space to squeeze something in I did it, even as a child my games were of a grand scale and required much planning and organising and I have clear memories of random accomplishments.

So from this day forward I banish the not enough time/too busy conversation and will practice having more interesting, varied and positive conversations. Who knows I might even use that opportunity to inspire or humour someone…. you never know your luck.

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  1. I have more than enough time to thoroughly enjoy myself as a journey through my projects and achieve my goals. Time is a dear, dear friend to me. I’m blessed by time.

    • Yay!! It’s working! This morning I had scheduled nothing but a sleep in, to play guitar and download movies for my holiday… and later I will have plenty of time to achieve what I want to achieve today… delicious!

  2. There is exactly enough time each day for the important things in life.

  3. I constantly have people ask me how I achieve so much in one day yet sometimes I don’t feel I actually achieve anything. I think time management is one of the things that people struggle with everyday, Got any tips for how to better manage time S.


    • Hey Michelle,
      I read somewhere once that time manages itself perfectly well and so we should stop trying to manage it! One thing that may help you is to plan to accomplish goals rather than tasks, and then celebrate them once complete. It is really important to celebrate the accomplishments especially when you are in the slog of “getting things done”.

      Good luck!!

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