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Coming full circle, a family tour of New Zealand

I have been doing a book & family tour of NZ and time has slowed to a leisurely, wholesome pace – I seem to be having lots of adventures and yet there is still plenty of time to relax and get things done… I am sure there are more hours in the day here.

A lot has changed since I left ‘the land of the long white cloud’ 10 years ago, and I have a whole new appreciation for my friends, my ever expanding family and how beautiful the countryside is. (more…)

Is your door open for the life changing good stuff?

Last week, my husband and I shared an impromptu picnic on a grassy knoll on the cliffs of the North Bondi golf course. The ambient city lights were no match for the stars and the night air was still and quiet, except for the crashing of the waves on the rocks below.

We were celebrating 2 years since we met, and spent a few hours musing upon how lovely and magic that time has been.

Lying there in the warmth and promise of our partnership, I was (more…)

12 months is at an end, everything else is just beginning…

Today is THE day, the grand finale, the day that I have been working towards. On December 12 2009 I posted my first video blog sharing the plan for this project. I was excited (and nervous) and didn’t know what to expect.

I have had a total change of perspective however in the last few weeks having experienced (more…)

When it all comes crashing down

On Sunday 21st of November it all went horribly wrong.

It was 11pm, I was buzzing on a massive high, my manuscript was due in 3 days and I was getting excited about what was next. After all the hard work of the last year things were coming together beautifully!

I settled in for a few hours editing, checked into Facebook and got a message from a friend of my little brother…  Hey Serena, call me on this number. It’s important.

My heart racing, I rang the number and was immediately passed to a doctor in the emergency room in Melbourne. (more…)

A lesson from my brother – create your own luck!

I recently had to prepare a speech on being creative; writing a speech is an interesting process and very different to blogging! It made me think about things in a different way and it was nice to relive some memories that I associate with creativity, opportunity and luck.

One memory that really stood out for me was of my little brother Sam.

One of my vivid childhood memories is of walking down (more…)