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7 things I struggle with in my business

Q and A

This is part two in a series of questions that I have been asked about my business in general. Erin asked a few great questions and last week I answered what works.

We have now been travelling for 1.5 years whilst running our business and starting our new project Five Point Five

Travelling extensively and having lots of big projects is actually a constant juggling act and (more…)

7 awesome blogs from the first blogger challenge

I recently set a blog challenge to a group of newish bloggers. The intention was to be adventurous with their blogs and try something new.

The challenge was:

  1. To produce a review or intro blog that included an affiliate link and
  2. To interview someone in a new style

Well the group really went for it and produced some great content! I wanted to share with you some of the highlights from (more…)