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9 Things I Have Learnt in 9 Months

We are nearly at the 9 month mark, and I thought I would share with you some things I have learned in this business adventure so far.

1.       The experience of time seems to expand with your requirements

I have always been a busy person, but year on year I seem to take on more and more and achieve more and more. If I wrote a weekly action list now and gave it to myself 5 years ago I would have deemed it impossible, or at least crazy (more…)

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Million Dollars in Your Bank Account

Money makes people funny. It makes people C.R.A.Z.Y!

There is a crazillion dollar industry thriving on our need to get rich quick and keep up with the Jones’s. So why does it seem like the never ending story of scarcity and effort? Why is it that the more we have the more we need?

If you are reading this blog I am assuming that you don’t have a cool million sitting in your bank account and here are 5 reasons why… (more…)

How to retire for two weeks!

My holiday was superb, stunning, sexy, sublime and I have come back brown, happy and relaxed. Here is the first of the two blogs I recorded there… oooh I miss it already!

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How to enjoy your sick days!

I am sick… I thought it was a hangover on Saturday but it stretched to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday! Not a bad illness, but one that makes you weak enough to have to take it easy for a few days.

Funnily enough this bug has really made me appreciate my freedom! (more…)

Pre-Launch Diary… Idea Day 5

It is 10:30am. I am lying across my bed in my dressing gown, and I am buzzing! The warm spring air is heavy with moisture, and a slight breeze through my open window brings the call of birds and the smell of fresh cut grass. Just as I begin to write, a weed eater starts up near my window, spilling petrol fumes and noise pollution; the bliss is gone but the buzz remains… I have an idea!

After 4 years cutting my teeth in business, I have formed a cunning plan… I am going to retire! (more…)