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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Good life feature: from young mum to millionaire before age 30!

Almost 2 years ago, Kylie Ofiu decided to change her life to give her family more time together and enable her husband to work less. She wanted a better quality of life and I really resonate with her story… it’s so great that there are so many people now with such exciting lifestyle goals!

What was the catalyst for your Good Life Crisis?

Kylie: My husband was working crazy hours and we barely got to spend any time together as a family. A whole week could go by and he would not see our daughters awake at all during that time due to leaving and coming home in the dark. I could not work because of his hours, which made things difficult.

One day I (more…)

Why blog? 3 reasons why a blog will blow your mind!

Six months ago I partnered up with my good friend Amanda to start a new blog: Single to Married in 12 Months. Amanda had noticed some patterns in her love life and I had some theories on the topic that I was preparing for my next book.

My theory is that finding “the one” is all about mindset. Amanda was keen to test my theory, so the 12 Months challenge was set and the blog was born.

From my own experience blogging has been life changing and opened many doors. What rocks now is to see was that Amanda is now experiencing the same effect! As well as front page of the paper this week, she made her first TV (more…)

Christine Cronau on how wealth (and health) can be a piece of cake!

And now for something completely different!

Although I personally focus on the web, lifestyle design comes in many forms and I took some time recently to interview Christine Cronau who created her own low maintenance income through the property market.

I was very inspired in the interview and her perspective is deliciously uncomplicated…

You created your financial freedom through property, but this wasn’t your profession. What motivated you to make the change? Did you know what you were doing when you started?

I was motivated to make a change because I wasn’t happy at work.  I loved the (more…)

A lesson from my brother – create your own luck!

I recently had to prepare a speech on being creative; writing a speech is an interesting process and very different to blogging! It made me think about things in a different way and it was nice to relive some memories that I associate with creativity, opportunity and luck.

One memory that really stood out for me was of my little brother Sam.

One of my vivid childhood memories is of walking down (more…)

Lifestyle review: Being Employed vs. Running Your Own Business

Running a business can be fun, exciting and give you lifestyle, freedom and satisfaction. There are however times when it is scary, never-ending hard work for peanuts.

There are definite pros and cons to both (more…)

A Present and a Request!

This post is split into two parts as I have a present for you and a request!

Part 1… The Present

Good news!

Now available for your reading pleasure is a free informative little eBook called Taking the Plunge. You can download it at no cost, zip, zilch.

It is a series of interviews I did with some rather amazing business owners and entrepreneurs who have all taking a leap of faith and followed their dreams. (more…)