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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

A Life Change, a Direction Change, a Shiny Website Change… perhaps

Things have been quiet

You may have noticed a few tumbleweeds around here.

The truth is that I haven’t had anything appropriate to write.


I really don’t know what appropriate is anymore. It started as one challenge, then became another challenge and another and another. Some of these challenges succeeded, some failed, and some took me around the world.

And now I have this dilemma because (more…)

Should I have kids? A modern day conundrum…

Should we have kids?

There is this rhythmic noise that is getting louder as the years roll on.


No matter how much I ignore it, it is not going away. It is pounding with an urgency that is hard to ignore.


I just skidded past the middle of my thirties. Apparently the thirties are the new twenties except I am not sure that my ovaries got the memo (more…)

Lifestyle Design: Are You Standing on the Starting Line?

Are you ready to design your life

Lifestyle Design: there has to be a starting point. The moment when something gets created.

It may be something you have been thinking about for years.

It may a longing for change that you haven’t yet acted upon.

It may be a moment of inspiration that just seems right.

Regardless of where it came from, there is a point when you step up to the starting line, wiggle your feet until you feel the grip beneath your toes, crouch into position and take a deep breath (more…)

A Journey Through Australia and the Kindness of Friends and Strangers


The last few weeks have been intense/wonderful/full on/exhausting/exciting/[insert word here].

We have a lot of friends in Australia and so this is a different kind of travel. It combines adventures with familiar faces of the people we love.

We said our goodbyes in Auckland and flew straight to Adelaide – the next few days spent gas-bagging with Chris who is the perfect host/conversationalist/all round awesome guy.

We woke up at 6am on the first day in NZ time zones in his son’s room, and lying in our little beds, surrounded by toys we were all giddy. Maybe it was because of his super high speed internet or maybe because we were on the road again, but it actually felt like we were 6 years old on Christmas morning!

Next stop a Captain Cook cruise on the Murray River, we have 4 days to (more…)

5 Free Background Noise Generators for Productivity in Any Location

Sounds of the sea

Location Freedom – The ability to travel and work from anywhere.

One of the problems with travelling long term is we never know what our work space will be like – this can be a little unsettling until you work out what you REALLY need to feel productive.

John needs a desk or table for editing, I need big pillows as I like to work propped up in bed or on a big couch.

But the secret to my productivity is having a source of (more…)

Answering your questions – 9 months later!

Q and A

At the end of the 2012 I asked if anyone had any questions. Then I set myself up and spent a whole evening recording the answers with mics and curtains etc. for primo sound.

A few days later I went to post it all and I found that I had deleted the recordings by mistake.

After moping it appears for 9 months, I am back with the answers to your questions!

The first question came from Erin, who (more…)