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Good Life Feature: The Life Change That Lets You Work From Home

I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my course graduates! After doing the Website Launchpad course in 2011, Erin O’Brien launched her website and has been working from home in her business.

She is Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28, helping social entrepreneurs who have a big vision for making a difference but who struggle with all the little steps in making it a reality.

Starting her own business was Erin’s third big life change – the first two were spontaneous pack-up-and-move-overseas adventures (moving from Sydney to live in Tonga and New Zealand). Read on to find out more about (more…)

3 bouncing baby websites for you to love!

This is the best bit!

Once again I am the proud mother of some bouncing baby website owners!

This week I interviewed three of the October Website Launchpad participants about their new websites, please check them out and if you like what you see, download their eBooks and follow them as they take their first steps. (more…)