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How to Get Your Hustle On, Reach Deadlines & Achieve Your Goals

With the 12 Month Income Challenge, we have a bunch of people with a 12 month goal to create a new income source.

We have all said “I want to make money in such and such a way, by August/September next year”. Then we all started dealing with the stuff that happens when you set a big exciting new goal. Resistance, procrastination and self doubt.

Why? Because it can be hard work to create a  new income source. We might not be very good at it. We might fail!

All this STUFF comes up and gets in the way and suddenly next year feels so far away and there are so many (more…)

What Will Your Life Be Like in 12 Months?

Where will you be in 12 months?

What were you doing this time last year?

Did you create something awesome in the last 12 months or have you found that things kind of look the same today as they did then?

  • Is life significantly different?
  • Better?
  • More fulfillng?

Or have you fallen into a routine of sorts that ebbs and flows as the years move on?

Today at this moment (more…)

Dangerous border crossings and a big fat launch!

Passport stamp Colombia

Exciting times!

We have now crossed two of the reportedly most dangerous border crossings in the world – Venezuela to Colombia (last year) and Colombia to Ecuador (last week).

Both times were easy and hassle free. The image of these crossings and border towns were far worse than the reality (more…)

Good Life Feature: How doing good can change the course of your life.

I love this story! In 2010, Shelley Boulton signed up to raise money for an air ambulance service by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, but what eventuated was finding her dream career.

She kindly gave us an interview to show how doing good can change the course of your life. (more…)

Good Life Feature: Ali Cavill turns her passion into her career

I dreamed about going out on my own for years before I took the plunge, the step into the unknown can be daunting. We had the pleasure of interviewing the very positive and bubbly Ali Cavill, who took charge of her career and made sure that she gets to do what she loves, every day.

What was the catalyst for your Good Life Crisis? 

I was feeling very unmotivated and unhappy in my job. I dreaded going to the office and was losing confidence in my abilities. I did not feel fulfilled within myself and longed to be pursuing my passion for exercise. I simply believed that there had to be something better out there for me! (more…)

What is on the bucket list?

It has been a dream for about eight years to spend time travelling Latin America and this morning I woke up and realised that many of my big dreams are coming to fruition.

So that I keep asking “What’s Next?” I sat down this morning and created a bucket list, here are the things I would like to do before I kick the bucket… (more…)