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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Lessons from 1000 Days of Travel

1000 days of travel

We hit this milestone – 1000 days of travel – actually today it is in fact 1226.

Rather than write about all the amazing destinations and experiences we have had (I did that already!), I have been reflecting on how this has changed me and my philosophies on life.

Here are the main things that 1000 days of travel have taught me… (more…)

Are you using your global platform for positive change?

Femi Kuti Dancers - Womad NZ 2014

We just came back from filming WOMAD Music Festival in Taranaki NZ. It was an intense and wonderful 5 days for us including 2 days of travel and filming and 3 days of festival and filming.

There was a cyclone (yes we were in a tent!) there was music, dancing, interviews, press conferences and we are completely wrecked after it all but WOW what a festival.

It is very special being able to interview someone whose music you admire greatly and be inspired by them personally. Then a few hours later see them sweating and giving it all on stage.

Two people stood out (more…)

Good Life Feature: A Lifestyle Renovation Adventure in Italy

Lisa Chiodo - Renovating Italy

It was at the exact same moment that Lisa and her husband realised what they wanted – needed – to do. So they bought a rustic property in Liguria (Italy) to create a community house sharing a rustic lifestyle with all who wish to visit!

Q. What triggered you to move the family?

Lisa: My husband and I began renovating houses, started a family and moved to Italy in 2005 with just a few suitcases and our two young children. We renovated a farmhouse and found a new life in the mountains.

After returning to Australia we soon realized that we wanted to go back to the simple life that we had left behind.

One day, my husband and I were in a seminar and were asked what we really wanted for our lives. We were sitting a few seats from each other and both leaned forward at exactly the same moment and said (more…)

Good Life Feature: Quit your job and travel the world with Eartha.

Eartha Austria took the plunge and decided to travel the world and blog about it!

She quit her job, moved out of her home, sold and donated most of her belongings and couch-surfed with a friend for 6 months to save some money for the trip. She doesn’t know how her year  of travel is going to pan out, but she’s sure it’s going to be an (more…)

Good Life Feature: The Life Change That Lets You Work From Home

I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my course graduates! After doing the Website Launchpad course in 2011, Erin O’Brien launched her website and has been working from home in her business.

She is Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28, helping social entrepreneurs who have a big vision for making a difference but who struggle with all the little steps in making it a reality.

Starting her own business was Erin’s third big life change – the first two were spontaneous pack-up-and-move-overseas adventures (moving from Sydney to live in Tonga and New Zealand). Read on to find out more about (more…)

Good Life Feature: An excellent escape to the Bliss of Bali

Zoe Watson’s life was cruising along nicely until an accident left her with serious injuries. Less than a year later Zoe relocated to Bali to launch the first ‘Bliss Sanctuary for Women’.

What was the defining moment for your Good Life Crisis?

A terrible car accident left me with (more…)