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Income Challenge: How to Create and Make Money from Apps

how to make money on apps

How do you create an app? And how do you make money from apps? Jan Brickman is going to find out in the 12 Month Income Challenge!

Jan is has set a goal to create an app and sell 2000 copies before 12 months is up, here is her first interview where she shares her plan of attack… (more…)

FAQ: Have I really retired?

Retire in 12 months

Not surprisingly, considering the title of my blog and first book, I get asked this a lot!

So here is the answer to this burning  question…

The background…

I was working long hours 5 days a week in a corporate job, then after I quit I worked even longer hours 7 days a week being self employed – which is not at all uncommon!

Then (more…)

How I make money in my business: Part 3 in a Q&A series!

Q and A

Erin asks “I’d love more behind-the-scenes stuff, especially about business: what works, what you struggle with, and an insight into what income streams you’ve created.”

So in the last couple of weeks I have shared what works in my business – my business struggles and here is part three – all about my income. Here are the main ways I create income through my business. John has some of his own income streams too, and we have more (more…)

John & the Trading Challenge Podcast #2

The second podcast in the series that follows John to create an alternate source on income using a Forex Trading software program.

If you are new to the story you may wish to check out the challenge and the first podcast, if not here is the latest.

Short and sweet at only 8 minutes… Enjoy!

Forex Trading 12 Month Challenge Interview #2 by kungfukitty_oz


PS. Last chance to enter the draw and win a place in the Website Launchpad!

Enter now or, read more about this rather awesome website start-up course!

John and the Trading Challenge – Podcast #1

A few weeks ago I announced the new 12 month financial challenge and this time it is a podcast!

In case you missed it, John is undertaking a Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading Challenge over 12 months to create an income with no prior knowledge of Forex. He will use a system and software program developed by someone we have a huge amount of respect for. If it works we will tell you what the program is, if it doesn’t we will file it under a learning exercise!

This is the first of the regular audio sessions where I quiz John on what he is learning, how he is going and whether he thinks it is possible for a novice to create a regular income from Forex Trading using a system.


How to Retire in 12 Months Part 2! Introducing… John and the Trading Challenge

In December 2009 I set myself a 12 month personal challenge to create an income through blogging.

Blogging is my absolute passion and it has opened so many doors for me, including a complete lifestyle change, the opportunity to publish a book and the ability to travel long term.

But blogging is not for everyone.

There are plenty of different ways to create income online and so to keep things interesting I am very excited to bring you a brand new financial challenge. (more…)