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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

John and the Trading Challenge – Podcast #1

A few weeks ago I announced the new 12 month financial challenge and this time it is a podcast!

In case you missed it, John is undertaking a Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading Challenge over 12 months to create an income with no prior knowledge of Forex. He will use a system and software program developed by someone we have a huge amount of respect for. If it works we will tell you what the program is, if it doesn’t we will file it under a learning exercise!

This is the first of the regular audio sessions where I quiz John on what he is learning, how he is going and whether he thinks it is possible for a novice to create a regular income from Forex Trading using a system.


Good life feature: Lifestyle design with share trading

I love this type of story, and partly because share trading is something that I know very little about. We took some time to interview the very inspirational Louise Bedford… enjoy!

What was the catalyst for your Good Life Crisis?

Over the course of a few short months, I progressively lost the use of my arms through an unexplained tendon condition. I found that even simple tasks such as opening doors had become a day to day painful struggle and in the end, I had to quit my terrific job. Life was looking bleak indeed.

I went through a period of darkness, unable to picture my future, and certain that the loss of the use of my arms meant that my hopes of becoming a mother had to be put aside.

I had previously been (more…)

Interview with Nigel Marsh – Author of Fat, Forty & Fired

Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing Nigel Marsh on the show. Nigel is acclaimed for various (very cool) things like presenting inspiring TED Talks, co-founding the hugely successful Earth Hour and writing best selling books including Fat Forty & Fired.

So, I have two treats for you today, firstly our radio interview with the man himself and secondly Nigel’s brilliant TED talk. (more…)

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have a Million Dollars in Your Bank Account

Money makes people funny. It makes people C.R.A.Z.Y!

There is a crazillion dollar industry thriving on our need to get rich quick and keep up with the Jones’s. So why does it seem like the never ending story of scarcity and effort? Why is it that the more we have the more we need?

If you are reading this blog I am assuming that you don’t have a cool million sitting in your bank account and here are 5 reasons why… (more…)