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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

What Do You Do To Maintain Your Sanity?

Serena Star Leonard

All of a sudden, I got sucked into a worm hole, and have ever since been hurtling through a tripped out space of dark and quiet.

Each day speeds past so fast I can see trails of light, and yet, everything appears in slow motion.

This new reality started out slowly. So slowly in fact that I didn’t realise I was even falling into (more…)

7 things I struggle with in my business

Q and A

This is part two in a series of questions that I have been asked about my business in general. Erin asked a few great questions and last week I answered what works.

We have now been travelling for 1.5 years whilst running our business and starting our new project Five Point Five

Travelling extensively and having lots of big projects is actually a constant juggling act and (more…)

6 Sure Fire Ways to Change Your Life

A few people recently have confessed to me their desire to make a big life change but there is a huge fear attached to what may happen.

Sometimes a series of small changes is all you need to significantly change how your life plays out, so here are (more…)

When it all comes crashing down

On Sunday 21st of November it all went horribly wrong.

It was 11pm, I was buzzing on a massive high, my manuscript was due in 3 days and I was getting excited about what was next. After all the hard work of the last year things were coming together beautifully!

I settled in for a few hours editing, checked into Facebook and got a message from a friend of my little brother…  Hey Serena, call me on this number. It’s important.

My heart racing, I rang the number and was immediately passed to a doctor in the emergency room in Melbourne. (more…)

How to Retire in 12 Months, Good News!

Short and sweet this week!

I have some good news, a few months back I was approached by a publishing company to write a book based on this experience. Basically I had to produce a sample chapter for them and based on that we would go ahead. (more…)

Lifestyle review: Being Employed vs. Running Your Own Business

Running a business can be fun, exciting and give you lifestyle, freedom and satisfaction. There are however times when it is scary, never-ending hard work for peanuts.

There are definite pros and cons to both (more…)