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Daily Blog #8: ADHD, Diabetes and Autistic Traits – The Power of Self Diagnosis

Computer says no

It was only once I had diagnosed myself with ADHD, some mild autism traits and a moderate risk of Diabetes did I realise I was procrastinating.

I lack focus – big time, so the irony was not lost that my lack of focus took me to an ADHD test and various other (more…)

Daily Blog #7: The Gastro Groove

Gastro blues

Our bellies have been up and down since we were sick a week ago.

It probably doesn’t help that we have a kitchen and lashings of healthy food which normally takes a day or two to adjust to anyway without super sensitive digestion.

It is BLISS being here, and we are finding Bolivian (more…)

How choosing a tattoo gave me the meaning of life

The Meaning of Life

This week has been hard for me.

Physically we are settled in a gorgeous hotel in a gorgeous town. By chance I have been the model for many lovely spa treatments so you would think I would be on top of the world!

But I am not my usual super motivated self, I turn on my computer and I can’t be bothered, I have that haze of uncertainty like I (more…)

Procrastination – Perfect Your Skills With These Easy Steps!

Procrastination is a fine art that can take decades of practice to perfect. But get it right and you can while away your spare hours, weeks and years before dying with a lifelong collection of regrets.

There are millions of ways to procrastinate, but for you motivated little bunnies out there I have collated a few of my theories and specialties.

For best results, read this slowly.

On keeping yourself busy

Staying unmotivated can be tough sometimes (especially if you are feeling guilty) so make sure you are surrounded by (more…)