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Behind the Scenes in the Publishing Industry: A Writers Perspective!

The Authors Journey - Book Publishing Tips

Are you a writer?

Do you want to publish a book?

Publishing a book is a goal for many writers and for me it is a huge privilege that I don’t take for granted.

The book publishing industry is mysterious and most authors learn through trial and error, because (more…)

Voted the most inspiring business book!

heart in the sky

I am in Dublin, and the warm summer days have helped me ease into the new timezone over the last week.

This morning I woke up and opened my sleepy eyes to catch a glimpse of this (more…)

Why a blog will help you get a book deal

Get a book deal through blogging

The book publishing world is changing and no-one knows what the future holds.

In the mean time people talk about traditional publishing being dead, I can’t predict the future – but what I do know is that traditional publishing is alive and kicking right now, and the opportunity to write a book is an exciting privilege I will be eternally grateful for.

Since my first book published I have spoken to dozens of writers whose main goal is to get a book contract. But for them publishing is a mysterious uncertainty which has no rules.

From my experience there are specific things you can do to increase your likelihood of being noticed and having publishers wish to invest in you, so I will share (more…)