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12 months is at an end, everything else is just beginning…

Today is THE day, the grand finale, the day that I have been working towards. On December 12 2009 I posted my first video blog sharing the plan for this project. I was excited (and nervous) and didn’t know what to expect.

I have had a total change of perspective however in the last few weeks having experienced (more…)

How to retire for two weeks!

My holiday was superb, stunning, sexy, sublime and I have come back brown, happy and relaxed. Here is the first of the two blogs I recorded there… oooh I miss it already!

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How to define your “retirement” and income goals defines “Retirement” as the removal or withdrawal from service, office, or business.

My “retirement” will be defined by my financial ability to withdraw from service, office or business. This is what I consider financial freedom.

Whether or not I choose to stop working will (more…)