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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Income Challenge: Create Group Business Coaching Sessions – Month 2

Make Money from Coaching

At the start of August Kylah Morrison was among a group of brave souls to take on The Income 12 Month Challenge. The go-getter set herself the goal of creating $15,000 in income over a year through running three group business coaching sessions.

What exactly is it like trying to make money from running group coaching programmes? Keep reading to find out. Below Kylah shares  how her first month of the challenge went, what she has planned for the second month and if she made any moolah!


1000 Generations of Ancestors – Are You Doing Them Justice?

Rock paintings of Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria

You are the product of over 1000 generations of modern man. Maybe even as much as 2000 generations if you assume that every mother that begat every mother that begat every mother in your ancestral line was on average between 15 and 30 when they gave birth.

But at a minimum, a thousand generations.

A thousand men and woman living and dying throughout the ages with one remaining chance at (more…)

Daily blog #9: Did you know the world is FULL of people following their dreams?!

Following your dreams!

I have been interviewing people for my book. All manner of inspiring, motivated people who would not settle for ignoring their dreams (any longer).

What strikes me about all of these people is that they did not wait for the ducks to line up. They did not wait for (more…)

Good Life Feature: The Life Change That Lets You Work From Home

I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my course graduates! After doing the Website Launchpad course in 2011, Erin O’Brien launched her website and has been working from home in her business.

She is Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28, helping social entrepreneurs who have a big vision for making a difference but who struggle with all the little steps in making it a reality.

Starting her own business was Erin’s third big life change – the first two were spontaneous pack-up-and-move-overseas adventures (moving from Sydney to live in Tonga and New Zealand). Read on to find out more about (more…)

Good Life Feature: An excellent escape to the Bliss of Bali

Zoe Watson’s life was cruising along nicely until an accident left her with serious injuries. Less than a year later Zoe relocated to Bali to launch the first ‘Bliss Sanctuary for Women’.

What was the defining moment for your Good Life Crisis?

A terrible car accident left me with (more…)

Inspirational Quotes with Pictures (#2)

I got arty again with more inspirational quotes on pictures.

When I posted the last set of quotes a couple of you shared your favourites in the comments, so I have made them into pictures for you too.

This first one I loved was posted by (more…)