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Public Speaking… Announcing the next official challenge!

If you have been following this blog for any period of time you will know that public speaking is my Achilles heel. After years of avoiding every opportunity to speak, not asking questions and feeling constrained, I have had enough!

It actually all started about 2 years ago when in a fit of frustration I decided to throw myself out there and get some public speaking ‘practice’. This included agreeing to things I would never have agreed to before like entering Miss Bondi (think parading in a bikini on a catwalk), and singing/playing guitar to a group of musicians.

Although I was happy I did it, both of these events were downright terrifying and my “yes” period quietly (more…)

The business of change (and why you haven’t heard from me much lately)

It is time for change.

I can tell by the amount of new challenges I am taking on that I am beyond the grief and back to my old self… Yay!

Finding myself clear headed again I  realise that my business needs to change in ways I didn’t anticipate when I started this journey.

Recently four awesome casual staff came on to help with different parts of the business, this has been a godsend but unfortunately has also highlighted the fact that I am terrible at delegating! But it is nice to know that (more…)

14 things I have learned in 32 years

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind and I have much to tell you! I had a gorgeous surprise birthday present when Mum took me to the National Achievers Congress, a three day event that blew my mind and I will fill you in on all the juicy details in the weeks to come.

My brain must have been in overdrive because I was sick for the next week and even missed my birthday!

Anyway I am here now with my birthday blog and wanted to share 32 things I have learned in 32 years, but 32 is a lot! So here are 14 things for your reading pleasure…

Success is all about momentum

It can be very hard to get something new moving, but the momentum that you create with all that work is what will give you the potential for success. Every little bit of (more…)

Getting creative with fitness – why run when you can fly?

This is my new philosophy on fitness and I have the aching muscles to prove it. Rather than joining the gym I have been testing a selection of physical activities that are an adventure in their own right, including my first trapeze lesson last week.

Standing on the edge of a thin board suspended 8 metres above the ground is one of those heart-in-your-mouth moments.

The only thing worse is that you know you are about to jump off! In the two hour lesson we learned some exciting tricks including back flips off the bar and that swinging upside down thing where you trust that someone will (more…)

Are you suffering from a ‘Forever Moment’?

You know that moment when it all goes pear shaped, and your whole existence of life is consumed by a big fat expanding bulge of unending pain, apathy or not having what you want?


How to overthrow the government, save the animals and help disadvantaged youth before you get out of bed in the morning.

I have a confession to make… before I get up in the morning I have usually checked my Facebook, Twitter and emails. Before my toes slip from under the sheets, I have already surveyed the state of the world through the comments, videos and links that my global social network have taken the effort to share.

Sometimes I find inspirational stories, thoughts and ideas and sometimes like today, I am thrown into a day of global chaos and tragedy. There is hope however, just as freely as the information and news flows, we are able to contribute in our own small way – instantly over the internet.

What first caught my eye this morning was this video on the chaos in Egypt over the last few days: (more…)