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A Journey Through Australia and the Kindness of Friends and Strangers


The last few weeks have been intense/wonderful/full on/exhausting/exciting/[insert word here].

We have a lot of friends in Australia and so this is a different kind of travel. It combines adventures with familiar faces of the people we love.

We said our goodbyes in Auckland and flew straight to Adelaide – the next few days spent gas-bagging with Chris who is the perfect host/conversationalist/all round awesome guy.

We woke up at 6am on the first day in NZ time zones in his son’s room, and lying in our little beds, surrounded by toys we were all giddy. Maybe it was because of his super high speed internet or maybe because we were on the road again, but it actually felt like we were 6 years old on Christmas morning!

Next stop a Captain Cook cruise on the Murray River, we have 4 days to (more…)

A Day in the Life… Travelling from Baños, Ecuador to Trujillo, Peru

All our worldy possessions

Our time is running out and we have to leave Ecuador – whenever we stop for more than a week we start to feel comfortable and Baños is a GORGEOUS little town in the shadow of an active volcano and flanked by mountain tops on all sides.

Baños is known for adventure sports and the hot mineral pools perfect for gathering in cool evenings to catch up and wind down. But we haven’t been in the hot pools since the weekend, when we got our tattoos.

The tattoos are actually why we stayed on – a spontaneous adventure that needed advance booking (more…)

10 Reasons Why Lifestyle Travel Sucks

My new hairdresser

We have been travelling since April 2012, so far it has been an incredible adventure and better than anything I could have imagined.

But every once in a while we get a little wake-up call about what we miss out on as we float around the world. And yes… John cuts my (more…)

The one stop update blog! What’s new in our travelling circus?

So many of you have asked where we are and what we are doing I thought I better update you on the life and adventures of Serena, Johnny and our travelling circus.

The travel update

We have officially finished Central America + Cuba + Mexico.

Random trivia: Mexico is not part of Central America

We fell in love with many countries and at this stage the most likely places we will rear our little offspring  are: (more…)

Too much travel? Is there such a thing as too much?

This Friday we leave for San Francisco after 9 months and 5 days of travel. We have been to 12 countries since we left Sydney and the US will be lucky 13.

For some reason even though neither of us have ever been to San Francisco it feels like we are finishing our “holiday” and heading home, maybe because we are planning to stay there for a couple of months and maybe because we have family and friends there.

The truth is that the last few weeks we have been talking about San Francisco as if (more…)