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Lessons from 1000 Days of Travel

1000 days of travel

We hit this milestone – 1000 days of travel – actually today it is in fact 1226.

Rather than write about all the amazing destinations and experiences we have had (I did that already!), I have been reflecting on how this has changed me and my philosophies on life.

Here are the main things that 1000 days of travel have taught me… (more…)

Laptop Lifestyle: Finding Blog Paradise

Blog Paradise

Ever since I started blogging I have had this vision in my head of blog paradise. When you have experienced location freedom (or laptop lifestyle) for a while you start thinking ahead to where you will enjoy doing what you do the most!

In my blog paradise it is warm all year around. It is tropical. There is high speed internet and amazing white sand beaches. Everything is cheap and delicious. The people are friendly. Life is easy and visa’s are generous.

I have been looking for these places for nearly 3 years now. We have found some amazing spots in our travels and each time (more…)

It is a Woman’s Prerogative to Change Her Mind!

Which way am I going?

Our plans have changed!

But before we get to that little news flash let me say…

Happy New Year!

Considering I am such a fan of 12 month projects I always feel a nice sense of clean slatedness when I get to January 1.

Technically it makes no difference to me as every day kind of feels the same, but still – a new year seems so fresh and shiny!

I have been (more…)

I’m baaaaack! Salt Flats, Photos, Travel Intensity and Hello!

Salar de Uyuni

So the daily blogs just disappeared – did you notice?!

Even though I try to take on super human feats of activity – sometimes it just doesn’t fly.

But I am back… this time with a vengeance.

The last week+ has been so hard physically that I barely even touched a laptop, let alone write anything on one. So the blogs, the book and everything else just stopped. Sometimes location freedom looks like doing no work at all while you enjoy the location!

We did the trek I mentioned in my last post that just about killed me (more…)

Location Freedom: How to run your office while you travel the world

Q and A

I recently got an email from Wendy whose commitment to ending world hunger means they need to travel and need more location freedom, some of these are things I get asked on a regular basis so I thought I would share the answers with you. (more…)

10 Reasons Why Lifestyle Travel Sucks

My new hairdresser

We have been travelling since April 2012, so far it has been an incredible adventure and better than anything I could have imagined.

But every once in a while we get a little wake-up call about what we miss out on as we float around the world. And yes… John cuts my (more…)