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Dangerous border crossings and a big fat launch!

Passport stamp Colombia

Exciting times!

We have now crossed two of the reportedly most dangerous border crossings in the world – Venezuela to Colombia (last year) and Colombia to Ecuador (last week).

Both times were easy and hassle free. The image of these crossings and border towns were far worse than the reality (more…)

The incredible hike to Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City), Colombia

Cuidad Perdida "The Lost City" Colombia

We have now being working our way through Latin America for 2 months, in Santa Marta we got so absorbed in the volunteering and filming that there was very little time for sightseeing.

So, to get the ball rolling we booked in a 6 day hike to see Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City), in the Sierra Nevada Ranges on the north coast of Colombia.

I read that the walk was tough, but far out – it was tough! (more…)

How can we help, when there is so little hope?

Where the bathroom will be one day

I feel like my heart has been torn out of my chest.

We have been volunteering here in on the north coast of Colombia for nearly two weeks. As well as helping in the school each day we are also filming a mini documentary for our new Five Point Five project.

The first week we were interested in learning as much about the foundation as possible. Who it was that we were to feature in our video, the heart of the foundation. So we went each day to one of the two little schools and helped out in our halting Spanglish with (more…)