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I’m baaaaack! Salt Flats, Photos, Travel Intensity and Hello!

Salar de Uyuni

So the daily blogs just disappeared – did you notice?!

Even though I try to take on super human feats of activity – sometimes it just doesn’t fly.

But I am back… this time with a vengeance.

The last week+ has been so hard physically that I barely even touched a laptop, let alone write anything on one. So the blogs, the book and everything else just stopped. Sometimes location freedom looks like doing no work at all while you enjoy the location!

We did the trek I mentioned in my last post that just about killed me (more…)

Daily blog #11: Oops… and an update to the foetus story

Self portrait

So I fell off the daily blog wagon.

I was doing pretty well – almost daily! But then we went out one day shopping and to the movies, as it turns out we are pretty weak from losing weight – so after the extremely strenuous activity of going to the movies we were wrecked!

Yesterday I had a mild freak out with (more…)

Daily Blog #5: Hola to the City of Peace

La Paz City

I had a queasy, 3 hour bus ride to La Paz (Bolivia), on the odd moment when I did look out the window it was beautiful and scenic as we drove around the lake.

Then they herded us off the bus to cross the lake – the bus goes on one rickety wooden boat and the passengers go on little motor boat – totally unexpected and kind of awesome seeing trucks and buses cruise across. (more…)

A Day in the Life… Travelling from Baños, Ecuador to Trujillo, Peru

All our worldy possessions

Our time is running out and we have to leave Ecuador – whenever we stop for more than a week we start to feel comfortable and Baños is a GORGEOUS little town in the shadow of an active volcano and flanked by mountain tops on all sides.

Baños is known for adventure sports and the hot mineral pools perfect for gathering in cool evenings to catch up and wind down. But we haven’t been in the hot pools since the weekend, when we got our tattoos.

The tattoos are actually why we stayed on – a spontaneous adventure that needed advance booking (more…)

10 Reasons Why Lifestyle Travel Sucks

My new hairdresser

We have been travelling since April 2012, so far it has been an incredible adventure and better than anything I could have imagined.

But every once in a while we get a little wake-up call about what we miss out on as we float around the world. And yes… John cuts my (more…)

Dangerous border crossings and a big fat launch!

Passport stamp Colombia

Exciting times!

We have now crossed two of the reportedly most dangerous border crossings in the world – Venezuela to Colombia (last year) and Colombia to Ecuador (last week).

Both times were easy and hassle free. The image of these crossings and border towns were far worse than the reality (more…)